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  1. nadworks

    Change the unsubscribe Form

    I know this is an old thread and am aware that we have touched upon this very point a few times in different contexts But in essence what seems to have become a frequent list and subscriber management scenario (a combination of user expectation and typical CRM / email marketing functionality) is...
  2. nadworks

    Amazon SNS bounces / complaints

    Yes indeed. It looks stable again after working on this with the host all weekend. 99% certain it ended up being a combination of blocked IPs from the server-side, partially clueless host support and cache/delay in confirming a new SNS topic.
  3. nadworks

    CException - invalid Alias

    Just installed the latest MW version on a fresh cPanel account for testing and after a smooth install process, ran into this error when trying to access the backend: Error 500! Alias "common.components.db.behaviors.DateTimeFormatterBehavior" is invalid. Make sure it points to an existing PHP...
  4. nadworks

    Amazon SNS bounces / complaints

    Ok, this issue is now back big time for me and this time it's not the firewall. In fact we temporarily had the firewall completely disabled and still no bounces are being registered by MailWizz, despite there being some according to the SES side. Since I have not made any changes to my MailWizz...
  5. nadworks

    Unsubscribe only from certain segments

    Yes, I was thinking in that same direction. The reason why we don't operate with multiple lists for a single brand is that we look at it from the customer/subscriber point of view. I.e. if a customer updates their data (email address, name etc.) on the back of a campaign, they'd expect their...
  6. nadworks

    Embeb Mailwizz Opt In form into WordPress (particular on Divi Elegant Themes)

    Try Greenforms. I swear by it and it's fully compatible with the Mailwizz API as one of the built-in options. Looks pretty cool, too.
  7. nadworks

    Exclude current segment members from receiving autoresponder

    Just to confirm that this is intended functionality: Once an autoresponder has been created and activated, even when paused the list and segment cannot be changed anymore? I realised that my autoresponder, which fires a welcome message to new subscribers, also included people I manually added...
  8. nadworks

    Unsubscribe only from certain segments

    Apologies if this is already on the new features list or if there's a way to make this work which I'm not aware of: Our segmented list allows subscribers to tell us what they want to hear about. Subsequently, they should also be able to "unsubscribe" from certain segments only (the option to...
  9. nadworks

    Unlayer Drag & Drop Email Builder For Mailwizz

    How would I go about integrating the free STRIPO plugin version into my own MailWizz application?
  10. nadworks

    Email box monitor using Gmail account

    I've created a virgin Gmail account to use for EBM and am trying to setup the monitor, which keeps failing, claiming "POP3 connection broken in response" I've stuck to the common values for Gmail and yet cannot get it to work. Hostname: POP3 Port: 995. TLS: ON POP3 Username...
  11. nadworks

    list specific email template locations

    That's great and just what I thought. So where in the database would I look for these templates (pages and emails). I can go to an earlier backup and compare. But would need to know which table to check, pls.
  12. nadworks

    list specific email template locations

    No :D ... in the proper way, by pasting new code into the editing window at the frontend under Lists >(List Name) > Pages
  13. nadworks

    list specific email template locations

    Thanks! But with broken, I meant they have reverted back to the defaults (sorry, should have made that clearer). I have my default emails sitting in the backend, but had already created individual (branded) emails for my clients' signup journeys. Those are the ones that disappeared from the...
  14. nadworks

    list specific email template locations

    It's well possible that I've bombed my existing list email templates with the last update. What's the best way to recover them? From MySQL I assume...?
  15. nadworks

    Unlayer Drag & Drop Email Builder For Mailwizz

    Personally and as a seasoned email marketer, wins hands down in all aspects: features usability support price integration options over 350 pre-built templates for a quick start What I consider the most winning highlights: the ability to save re-usable, branded (pre-styled)...
  16. nadworks

    Dynamic segements

    @Ben Palmer - you're not alone in understanding the need for this and we're thrilled that @twisted1919 has already agreed to push this up the list of priorities. Your comments just show once more how essential the segmentation by engagement is for deliverability. Here's a previous post on this...
  17. nadworks

    dropdown and list field order

    How can I change the options order within a dropdown, checkboxlist or radiolist custom field?
  18. nadworks

    Purchasing support through Envato

    With Envato's ridiculous fixed handling fee which applies to all purchases below $70, and the fact the support extensions do not go through the normal basket process and can therefore not be combined with other purchases to reach the threshold (an utterly ludicrous format), there is a rather...
  19. nadworks

    "send at" date column

    Well, true. But since there are already so many, and columns can be switched on and off, having this additional option shouldn't make such a big difference. I find this information far more important to what I need, than some other existing fields.
  20. nadworks

    "send at" date column

    Yes, any chance integrating those (or at least the "started at") as columns into the main campaigns overview?