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    Url Import Feature

    I just discovered yesterday that we have this feature. So many possibilities come to mind now automation wise. Does anybody use the url import feature for example with google spreadsheets? How is it performing? Mailwizz is becoming more and more powerful :)
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    Custom Fields Template

    Hi there, I searched all forum, but failed to find anything about it. Is it possible to change the default custom fields customer gets. I would like to get rid of the First Name and Last Name custom fields/tags what will be automatically created with every new list. They are not necessary in...
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    Scheduled campaigns not working

    Hi, my application is working great otherwise, but if I schedule a campaign to send later, it does not really work. It just sends it at once. What settings am I missing to let it wait for the time to send it out?` Thanks a lot!
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    UTC time

    Hi, I am currently translating this: "Send the autoresonder no earlier than this time in the day. Time is UTC 00:00, take into consideration your timezone offset. Current UTC time is: {time}" Is there any way to make my timezone default/standard option, so people do not have to calculate the...
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    Amazon SES Question

    Hi, I installed Amazon SES on my install, but I noticed something. Campaigns with validated domain go out fine, but if we talk about when customer would use as from/reply address, it won't go out. That is fine, because you can't validate gmail as a domain, but I would really like...
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    Spam complaints and IP blacklists

    Hi, I found a great web host whose servers I like and who is quite cheap compared to competition. However in terms and conditions I found some really serious fees. SPAM COMPLAINT FEES A service fee of $50/complaint will be applied to any customer with more than 5 (five) verified abuse...
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    What server set up you would use to send 500/to 600k daily

    Hi, Simple question: What server set up (hosting) you would use to send 500/to 600k daily. I have never gotten to that volume Also how would you set-up the delivery servers and cron jobs. Thanks!
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    Mail Gun Web Api and Webhooks

    Hi, so I use mailgun web api, but the complaints, soft bounces and etc are not going back to mailwizz. I added the webhooks like this:
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    E-mail Address Check Before Sending

    Sorry if there has been discussion on this. Did not find. Is there a way to set up very good method to check emails automatically before sending the campaign out and getting it bounced. Want to spare my delivery server providers and myself from getting my account terminated. Thanks!
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    Enforce not to use spaces in filemanager folder names

    Hi, Gmail acts funny with spaces on images. It displays broken image when there are spaces instead of characters like %20. Is there a way to enforce no spaces when making folders. Then that kind of issue will come less. I quite often find myself answering that question. Thanks!
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    Dynamic tags

    Under segment tools there are some dynamic tags like this: Tag Description [EMPTY] It will be transformed into an empty value [DATETIME] It will be transformed into the current date/time in the format of Y-m-d H:i:s (i.e: 2015-01-27 20:30:57) [DATE] It will be transformed into the current date...
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    Where to add jquery

    Hey there, making some customization to my application. where should I save custom jquery I write? Want to add a show/hide button at campaign setup page. If somebody is curious where to add CSS, then /assets/css/common.css If you want to add php and html, then most pages are at...
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    After update from to getting internal server error

    Hi, I updated mailwizz. Everything seemed to work fine until I noticed that on homepage it does not redirect to /customer/index.php/guest/index (page is working there) anymore. It just stays at page and displays Internal server error. Also when clicking to see web version, it...
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    Unsubscribe vs Disable subscriber and some translation issues

    Hi, What is the difference between unsubscribe and disable subscriber. Also what exactly happens if you choose unapproved for a subscriber in list? I have some translation issues too. If I need to use foreign characters like öäü I have to use something like this to make it work...
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    The PHP CLI binary is missing the IMAP extension!

    Hey there, Getting a lot of this error: 2016/02/07 21:50:02 [error] [application] The PHP CLI binary is missing the IMAP extension! It is probably nothing to worry about, because campaigns go out fine. However do I need to install something to be on safe side? Best wishes, Silver
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    Email Valditations

    Hey there, So I was just browsing around at CodeCanyon. Looks like Twisted made a new plugin ( So my questions, when we should use these email validations and how much value customers will get...
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    MailWizz Design

    Hey there, MailWizz is amazing application with many awesome features. However it's design could use more simplicity and be nicer. My clients have told me this multiple times. So, what I am proposing, we can do a collective contribution, hire an awesome designer and everyone who is interested...
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    www. infront

    Hey there. I switched virtual private servers and after migration, the site is working on this site now: However I really would like to lose www infront of it, so it would display as Any way how to do that? Best wishes, Silver
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    How to support foreign characters

    Hey there, Mailwizz doesn't support foreign nordic characters like õüöä. How to enable it? Like when importing emails or making email templates. Thanks
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    email list csv importer

    Heya, When I download the example csv import file and reupload it, the importer works fine. However if I open the same file in Excel, save it again and upload it, it gives me error: 'Cannot find the "email" column in your file!' That is really odd. If I could solve it, I can do it with my real...