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  1. potschops

    Pending campaigns; well configured cron

    Hello, campaigns now are pending and are not sent. The cron are well configured Delivery servers, have verified mandrill, mailgun and other. however continue without sending campaigns. Note, the problem is directly e "regular" campaigns that fail; because the campaign messages of...
  2. potschops

    transactional emails fail

    How to enable transactional e-mails ?, all transactions fail, for example when trying to recover the password. I have servers delivery system checked
  3. potschops

    Send messages by countries through ip

    Hello friends, there are many extensions to know the ip of subscribers, however, it is possible that as a result; I can send messages to countries?
  4. potschops

    Customer edit messages affairs

    Hello friends, it is possible that clients can edit the subject of confirmation of subscription? For example, the default is "Please confirm your subscription", but I wonder if they can modify both to their own language, add text depending on the type of campaign, etc.
  5. potschops

    create elegant forms

    Hello friends, there is a tool, plugin, extension, script or something similar to create elegant subscription forms? Examples:
  6. potschops

    create domain tracking

    Hello friends, I have a server with dedicated IP in OVH. I installed Webmin with Virtualmin. I added only 1 domain and mailwizz installed in that domain. But when you add the service "Tracking domain", placing the cname, points to does not recognize the...
  7. potschops

    multiple DKIM and SPF records

    If mandrill use; and verify DKIM and SPF for that domain It is also necessary to check in Mailwizz? Because SPF records and DKIM are 2 different companies. Also, if I use such "mailgum" or other provider, I must add your SPF and DKIM records. All this can affect deliveries? problems exist...
  8. potschops

    Bounds get automated with the API?

    Hello friends. I created a server to deliver (mailgun) through the API in mailwizz. He also created a dedicated mail only bounds and added to mailwizz. However, as is all set to hit the mail bounces created in mailgun ?, I find no option, and mailwizz either; Or with api's all automatic...
  9. potschops

    Change domains

    What are the "General" steps to change domain.
  10. potschops

    What control panel Mailwizz been used to use?

    What control panel Mailwizz been used to use? Hello, well Cpanel, Plesk, others have used panels for use mailwizz? (preferably free linux)
  11. potschops

    Using VPS Hosting without cpanel, plesk or similar

    I can use a VPS hosting platforms without recurring payments such as cPanel, Plesk or similar?
  12. potschops

    Recommended hosting

    Hello friends, who recommended for mailwizz hosting?
  13. potschops

    Where to put the data in the new database

    Hello friends, I am migrating to another server. I would like to know what the file should be modified to place data in the new database, therein do you care the old database.
  14. potschops


    I hope you enjoy both the tool, as I do :-)
  15. potschops

    I migrated to another server, but the messages are not sent

    I migrated to another server, all the information and records are copied in their entirety, however, the new server all messages appear "pending submission" to the error is? Look cron records if they believe that the error is here