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    How to blacklist the following domains?

    Hi, I want to blacklist the following domains and all the email addresses it has.
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    How to change "from" email address for just one campaign?

    Hi, I have to send out a campaign and it requires a special "from" email address. How can I configure it so that the particular campaign sends the campaign from that email address and all the replies to that email should go to the same mail box?
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    Can I setup a sending domain for particular campaigns?

    I have few clients whose data I manage and send but they said they need the sending domain(from address) related to their company name. So I was thinking of buying a domain name related to their business and then configure it in mailwizz so all future campaigns for his data I can send it via...
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    Cannot see bounces

    I've added bounce server and attatched it to the proper delivery server but I keep seeing 0 bounces which is obviously not true. How to see what is causing the error?
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    Cache error when validating server!

    Hi, I am getting the following error when validating the server "Failed to create cache directory /tmp/bf2280d1f644c32db67b5eaeb395c55b" It seems I am running out of space, I was wondering if its my SMTP server or is it MW server. I ran "df -h" Results: md1 is full so I think that is the...
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    Issues with mail delivery

    Hi, I added a new delivery server and sent a test campaign of about 6k but I am getting "0 opens" which is strange since I sent the campaign to the "Openers". This is the highest quality data I have and its impossible to get 0 opens on it. I checked the delivery server logs and it says...
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    Do SMTP configuration matter to the delivery servers?

    Lets say I am buying SMTP servers and loading them in mailwizz so the sending algo is maintained by mailwizz. So does it matter what are the independent settings set for the SMTP? Like SMTP1 has a limit of 1000 mails/hr/ip and 250 emails/unique domain/hr. Will this config be overridden by...
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    Which hosting providers allows bulk mailing?

    There was a thread here but not able to find it. Anyways, I was thinking lets make a BIG thread so we all can help each other find tons of great hosts that allows mailing and also provide additional ip's at reasonable costs. Keep in mind I only buy dedicated servers. I have tried over 50...
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    I have some questions for people running an ESP.

    Hi I see that many of the people here run their own ESP and have customers etc. I had a following questions about running my own ESP and hoping some of you might answer it :). Rough numbers are fine, I am just trying to get an idea. Monthly cost(everything included) - How many months has it...
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    Bounces suddenly stopped processing

    Hi, So since last couple campaigns the bounce server seems to have stopped working... All the current campaigns say 0 bounces which ofc is not possible. On bounce logs it shows bounces there but under "Processed" all says "No". I ran the emergency action for bounce server, still nothing.
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    How to move mailwizz to another server?

    I have a VPS currently but I want to move to a dedi so I can increase my sending volume. Also if I were to ask someone else to do it how much should I pay that person for the job?
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    Can i setup a autoresponder for replies?

    Hi again :p So lets say I sent a newsletter and now everytime someone replies to that newsletter I want a default reply to be sent back. Is it possible?
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    Cannot open phpMyAdmin

    Seeing the following error when I go to Error 404! Unable to resolve the request "goDbAdmin/index.php". I think its some path issue, how to fix?
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    How to upload db of 6M users?

    Hi, I have just compiled all my recent data and its around 6-7M but as we know ".csv" supports only around 1M. So I am wondering if I can upload it as an access file?? I certainly don't wanna upload 6-7 different files and send same campaign to all, it will just increase my workload and time...
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    How does the mail sending work??

    Hi, From time to time I install interspire and then just use its smtp into MW. When installing interspire I set the following options: Hourly limit per ip = 1500 Hourly limit for each provider per ip = 220 etc But I don't use interspire, I just use that configured smtp and install it on...
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    Can't find the latest download link for 1.6.1?

    Hi, I've spent 20 mins but did't find any link for 1.6.1 How can I upgrade? My current version is 1.5.1 Can we upgrade directly from the interface yet? Thanks guys :)
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    High Volume delivery server question!

    Hey guys, I am back with a similar question I asked last week :p What resources should I look into a delivery server which should be capable of pushing 2-3M mails daily? How much RAM, connection speed, CPU with cores threads etc. Thanks
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    Large Volume Mailers: What is the ideal server required to push 10M/day ??

    Hey guys, I just want to know what kind of MW host server will I be needing if I want to push 10m/day. Mainly I need to speed up database import speed to say 10k/sec(or more ofc the faster the better) and all the other etc mailwizz functions. I have enabled geoip opener and clicker tool as...
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    Is it possible to upload list via FTP?

    Hello, Is it possible to upload email lists via FTP? I have the following FTP cred: Host: User: Pass:
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    Bounces not showing in reports!

    Hi, Bounces aren't showing in campaigns, it always shows 0 which ofc isn't true since I send like 100k-200k mails at a time. When I mail from Interspire(same smtp) it shows bounces there but since I am using those SMTP details into mailwizz it doesn't work. I have configured the bounces...