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    different Return path address in phpmailer

    Hi, Is there any way to change return path address in phpmailer. It set as per from address. I checked it works with swiftmailer but not with phpmailer.
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    Delivery logs Not getting deleted

    Hi, I have set to remove deliver logs after 1 day but when I see deliver logs table in phpmyadmin it still have some 30gb of data. I even ran the delete delivery log cron. It just run for a second and does not do anything. Any suggestion here
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    pctnl dead lock

    Hi, I am facing wierd issue. All my campaign are stuck and not going out. When I try to send manually, I get this message, [2018-04-10 07:27:18] - PCNTL processes running already, locks acquired previously! I have restart mysql, rebooted server, still same issue. Does anyone have any idea...
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    queue import from database

    Hi, Is there any option available to queue import from a database? I can only see live import for database.
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    Job ooportunities - Last Open date filter

    Hi, We are looking for a script so that we can create a filter on list. Like list 1 - Segment - Last open date is less than 30. Something like this were we can create segment on last open date and target recent openers, 30days, 60 days etc.
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    Filter based on Openers - Opened in Last 30 days

    I want to target people who open/clicked in last 30 days. How do i create such filter to send a campaign.
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    Base table or view not found

    Hi All, I am getting this error. CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'mailwizzz.mw_option' doesn't exist How can I fix it? Please help
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    Slow sending speed

    Hi, I am able to send only 90-100 emails per minute. My server config is 8gb, 4 core, ssd drive. But the sending speed is very slow. I tried many combinations nothing is working PNCTL is installed on server. Can anyone help. What could be done to speed it up? Around 1000-2000 email per hour.
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    Received from a different domain not sending domain

    Hi, I have hosted the application on and I have created a smtp server on different server and different domain I am using a smtp connection. So when I send email everything looks ok except 1 thing that it is showing Received: from ( by id...