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  1. Oluf Nielsen

    How to get rid of bots?

    We're experiencing bots on our maillists. They open the mail, and click every link that's in the email. How can I make a script to clean them out? Their behavior is quite noticeable, so I'm guessing it could be done with some scripting..T
  2. Oluf Nielsen

    Automation flow

    Calling all coders! We need a coder who can code a custom module, where we can make full blown automation flows. These flows consist of a starting trigger (receiving mail#1) after x day we want an if condition (if opened) and based on that if condition either send mail#2 or check a new if...
  3. Oluf Nielsen

    Subscriber not confirmed anymore!

    Trying to send out my first campaign. I'm getting this error in the delivery logs "Subscriber not confirmed anymore!", I'm not using segments, however I did split up my list, does that have something to say?