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  1. twisted1919

    How to Add Unsub/Bounces to Blacklist Automatically

    Hard bounces are added automatically. Maybe this can help
  2. twisted1919

    Spam traps

    Yes, don't ever do this, is a recipe for disaster. All your emails must be opt-ins.
  3. twisted1919

    Move List Logic Confirmation

    The status will always be confirmed in the last list where the subscriber has been moved successfully. For the rest of the lists, the status will be "moved".
  4. twisted1919

    How does the <img> tag get inserted for tracking opens?

    You'll have to add your pixel in the email template itself, we don't allow hooks in this area as they might break tracking.
  5. twisted1919

    Automated cron to remove "moved" subscribers daily

    It's older than that amount of days, so your assumption is correct. It's per batch.
  6. twisted1919

    is it possible to change the general layout of the interface to RTL?

    The entire app is meant to be LTR not RTL, so I think you're going to have difficulties, but here's what you can try: 1. Switch the application language t a RTL one. 2. create a file called init-custom.php and place this code in it to activate RTL: <?php hooks()->addFilter('html_orientation'...
  7. twisted1919

    version update

    Most likely you didn't do that properly, otherwise the application would have directed you to the upgrade screen by itself.
  8. twisted1919

    How to pause after send between each email for delivery server

    I don't see exactly how this would help, maybe he has something in mind that I don't see, sorry. Keep it, changing it will only introduce new problems. Yes, as I described above.
  9. twisted1919

    How to pause after send between each email for delivery server

    This happens in a single process BUT if you are using pcntl, it means you're spawning multiple processes, so this will happen for each process. This is what the above settings do, the only "problem" is that you will keep the process in a pause for that amount of time you set as a pause, so this...
  10. twisted1919

    How to pause after send between each email for delivery server

    @derek - I also answered on the support ticket, but we have more info here, so lets ignore the support ticket for now and see what we can do from here.
  11. twisted1919

    How to build a form in Mailwizz

    No worries. Just create "hidden" fields in MailWizz, see
  12. twisted1919

    Slow Campaign Sending - Debug Output

    Do this: ;) Yes. Of course. A LOT.
  13. twisted1919

    Slow Campaign Sending - Debug Output

    This is something that is pretty intensive, and given your resources and database size, is no wonder it takes longer to calculate, so your chance is to simply add more ram and cpu to that server and see how that works, double them and start from there.
  14. twisted1919

    Slow Campaign Sending - Debug Output

    What are your server resources and how many subscribers do you have in system/how many campaigns have you sent so far?
  15. twisted1919

    Can i change the functionality of the unsubscribe link to blacklist the recipient?

    @Melihck - of course, because if you are not confirmed anymore you can't be added to the blacklist, my bad on this. Please see updated code: Yii::app()->hooks->addAction('frontend_lists_after_track_campaign_unsubscribe', function($controller, CampaignTrackUnsubscribe $track) { $exists =...
  16. twisted1919

    How to build a form in Mailwizz

    You already have this, don't you?
  17. twisted1919

    Php 8 & 8.1

    There should be no problem in running under 8.0 or 8.1, we have a test suite for both versions and they pass just fine.
  18. twisted1919

    Best recommended tutorial course manual

    The kb is a good start: and of course, these forums, and if you have specific questions, just ask via support tickets.
  19. twisted1919

    Customize page title format

    Alternatively to what @laurentiu said, you could do it by creating a file called init-custom.php in /apps/ and put this code in it: <?php function changePageTitleFormatHook() { $currentTitle = controller()->getData('pageMetaTitle', ''); if (strpos($currentTitle, '|') === false) {...
  20. twisted1919

    Autocomplete turn off in login page

    This has nothing to do with MailWizz, it depends entirely how the browser you are using treats the autocomplete attribute which we set to off. You can go one step further and so something like window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => { if (document.querySelector('.ctrl-guest')) {...