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  1. Divemasterza

    Average open rate per list

    Unless I missed it somewhere. Is there a way to get the average open rate per list?
  2. Divemasterza

    Importing a CSV :: MultiSelect field

    What is the best way, or workaround to import a CSV column into a multifield custom field
  3. Divemasterza

    Tweak wanted to record the confirmation IP address rather than the subscription one.

    I have set up Integromat to push new subscribers onto a list. The IP grabbed is the one from Integromat servers. When confirming the subscription, the IP remains the one used at the signup (double opt-in). I think with new stricter legislation (GDPR, PoPIA etc;..) the proof of signup/consent...
  4. Divemasterza

    Customising the Forward to a friend page

    Must be very simple, but I can't seem to find it. Where can I change the default text in the subject line of the *Forward to a friend page*? (There is a small typo there + I would another text there)