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    Campaigns seem to be sending out very slowly

    Hello, I sent a few campaigns out this am about 500 emails. Two of the campaigns seem to be sending out very slowly. still only at 39% after 7 hours. Is there a way to adjust how fast the emails are sent out, is it in the settings section? Thank you!
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    New List Subscriber email question

    MailWizz Email marketing application Hello, I set up a campaign and I get this alert email when a subscriber is added to the below list. I don't seem to be getting it for all my campaigns for some reason and I thought I set it up the exact same way. The problem is I can't quite...
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    Campaign Advanced recurring question

    Hello, I want to send out a campaign then have that same campaign send out every day thereafter at 7:00 am once a day for three days. What would be the setting in the advanced recurring section of the campaign? How do I know if it's am or pm? See screenshot. Thank you!
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    List Segments

    Hello, I am looking for some help in creating a list segment. Are there any tutorials out there? Couple questions: 1. I am trying to create a list segment for any emails from a specific campaign that were not open to be sent to the email again. For the field, I think I put " number of...
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    Auto Responders set up

    Hello, Do you have any suggestions on where to go to get a tutorial on how to set up Auto Responders? Went to youtube but really not good into there. Do you all have a good doc or video you can send me?
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    Unsubscribe Link in a template

    Hello, I am creating a template in . What's the best way to add unsubscribe so it links to my mailwhizz? do I just insert [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL] where it says link type then URL in Thank you!
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    Campaign options max subscribers 0 or put max subscribers

    Hello quick question, when I am in campaign set up and then scroll to options, it says zero. I was told if I leave it at zero it will send to the whole list. I created a second campaign because I sent the first one I left it as max subscribers. The second one I sent, I left it at zero, I had...
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    Adding a unsubscribe link to a template

    Hello, How do I add an unsubscribe link to a template so it links to my mail whizz unsubscribe? Also, I tried to add a support pack but I think it made me buy another license? I had to pay $64 is that correct? Thank you
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    Toggle back and forth from Admin to customer in Mail Whizz

    Hello, When I log into the back end/admin of Mail Whizz how can I easily get to the customer section. Then from Customer back to admin?
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    It seems that our domain has been backlisted by surbl

    Hello, I think we may have sent out too "large emails" out during our warm-up process. Our domain seems to have been blacklisted by surbl. When I run a test through hetrixtools only one came up. My question is we have our VPS via Digital Ocean, I have been told that they...
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    Black list, Autoresponders,

    Hello, I have a couple of questions. I have been learning Mail Whizz for several months now. I really like it but has been a learning curve. Couple questions: 1. for blacklisted emails are those coming from emails that I get from people that want to unsubscribe? What is the actual definition...
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    When sending a campaign how come some people are getting the campaign and others are not?

    When sending a campaign, some of my emails in the list are being delivered but some are not. When I include our work email's,, in our campaign test while we warm up the server none of our test campaigns are reaching us. I am sending...
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    Can you add to a subscriber list?

    Once you have created a subscriber list, is there a way to add to it after you have already created it. Thanks!
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    Importing a CSV file into subscribers list

    Hello, Can someone help me import these emails into my subscriber list? Do I have the format correct in order to import the emails? EMAIL FNAME LNAME Eric Spivey Tim Blaylock Linnie Blaylock