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  1. VVT

    Any business development executives/managers here ?

    We're looking for business development executives/managers who can generate leads for our email marketing business (of course using MWZ :)). We are looking to work in a profit sharing model. If anyone is interested, please PM me. Thanks.
  2. VVT

    Max subscribers and randomize

    Hey, How does the max subscribers work ? If I put 10K as max sub and list is 100K, then if at the next time I do campaign and I put 10K again, will it send to the old 10K to whom I sent already in the first batch (if I enable randomize) ? Suppose if I have a list of 100k and I need to send...
  3. VVT

    Campaign stuck at processing (0%) - please look in to

    Hi @twisted1919 , I upgraded the app to 2 days back and ran a few campaigns one by one with 3-4 emails in the list. those went fine. Today one of my customers was doing campaigns and all his campaigns are stuck with processing (0%) status. Then I ran a test campaign through another...
  4. VVT

    Attachment issues

    Hi peeps, Seeing some forum posts regarding issues in sending attachments via APIs. Just wanted to give you ppl a simple and easy workaround on the same. You can actually upload the attachments to ckeditor filemanager and then put a direct download link on the email. You would upload the files...
  5. VVT

    Does the Max. bounce rate count INTERNAL bounces ?

    See above ! :)
  6. VVT

    Re-branding/Whitelabeling API and SDK

    Hi @twisted1919 , I'm trying to rebrand MW API. To be honest, I just want to remove all references to MailWizz including your name (I know you're OK with that :D). What am gonna do is, blindly run a find/replace command to replace all MailWizz reference with "myappname". Will that work ? I...
  7. VVT

    Do we reuse subscriber unique IDs?

    Hey, One of my clients has been sending me some weird emails that were sent out of mw. Thing is that, some emails have wrong unsubscribe option - ex : mail was sent to, but once we click on the unsubscribe link, is shown on unsubscribe page(corresponding to the uid in...
  8. VVT

    Returnpath and verified domains

    Hi @twisted1919 , I noticed that returnpath domain/address is unchanged even when a verified domain is used as sending domain. Guess this was not the case with initial versions (?). Actually the returnpath email should be changed to the from email if a verified domain email is used as the from...
  9. VVT

    Submissions per connection/session

    Hey @twisted1919 , One question, for the SMTP type of Delivery Server, how many emails are transferred/submitted per connection/session ? Is it like one per connection ? Because I could see in logs that the app is making connection each time it submits an email. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. VVT

    Disable global blacklist but have customer suppression list enabled

    Hi All, Just in case if you're not aware. Now it's possible to have global blacklist disabled but customer suppression list enabled at the same time. All you have to do is, 1. Set "MW_PERF_LVL_DISABLE_NEW_BLACKLIST_RECORDS" flag as per this doc. 2. Truncate "mw_email_blacklist" table from...
  11. VVT

    SPF customization

    Hi @twisted1919 , There's a simplest approach for configuring SPF by a customer than the current flow in MW. As like other ESPs, customers need to add only one entry like "" to their existing DNS record. See SendGrid example here. This means, SPF of that parent domain...
  12. VVT

    Elastic Emails Bounces are not properly handled

    Hi @twisted1919 , I just found that a wide category of soft bounces are being marked as unsubscribes when elastic email webhooks are used. Here's the webhook list : Here's its explanation ...
  13. VVT

    Fix missing horizontal scroll bars on backend

    Hi There, Priority : Low Please fix horizontal scroll bars on backend Monetization > Orders and Miscellaneous > transactional email pages. Thanks !
  14. VVT

    Elastic email bounces and Unsubscribes

    Hi @twisted1919 , It looks like explanation/reason for unsubscribes and bounces are not properly populated in MW. See the examples below - 1.Unsubscribes - Are we getting only this value back via the web hook ? 2. Bounces - This looks OK. But it's better if the "BOUNCED BACK" part is...
  15. VVT

    v1.3.6.2 duplicate sending

    Hi @twisted1919 , I observed that two emails have been sent to a single subscriber for a merged list (list shows correct count) for the same campaign. We can see this clearly on statistics. See attached - NOTE : pcntl is off.
  16. VVT

    Serious loop hole in email syntax checker that stalls ongoing campaigns

    Hi @twisted1919 , I observed a few of my customer campaigns were stalled at "sending (some %)". It never progressed. Then I checked application log and I found this - 2016/04/18 19:51:01 [error] [application] Address in mailbox given [] does not comply with RFC 2822...
  17. VVT

    Delivery error - no retries and are not showing up on overview

    I just noticed that there are some delivery errors for a campaign that were not retried but went to "giveup" status. In the campaign overview, "Delivery Error" count is being correctly shown, but once I click on the "view details" button, no email is being listed for any type of "errors". I...
  18. VVT

    Disable blacklisting via perf flag

    Hi @twisted1919 , I've disabled blacklisting via perf flag. So emails won't be checked against the blacklist when are sending out. But, I could see that the blacklist is still growing with the bounces. This can create the below problems - 1. I won't get the advantage of saving space since the...
  19. VVT

    SSD vs RAM - which one is better for MW ?

    Hi There, Anyone can can advise whether going for SSDs or RAM is better for hosting MW ? General rule is that SSDs are good for write intensive apps, and RAM for read intensive ones. So, one will not need expensive SSDs for a server having less Memory utilization if the app doesn't write too...
  20. VVT

    Statistics don't show up for blocked campaigns

    Hi @twisted1919 , 1. I noticed that, for a blocked campaign, if customer clicks on "View details" button for "delivery rate", "open rate", "bounce rate" etc, it simply gives a 404 error. It then needs to be marked as sent in order to get the details. 2. As reported multiple times, the campaign...