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  1. Ashish Shukla

    Warmup Plans, hourly limits

    Hi Team, Thanks for providing automated warmup plans. It's really good I have a question and I am sure you have a easy solution for that. Whenever I set warmup for daily limit, it automatically put hourly limits. I don't want hourly in daily plans. For example. I have 2 domains, 1 is already...
  2. Ashish Shukla

    Need urgent help on Suse Linux support for opendkim

    Hi, Does anyone have experience on suse Linux. I have a server which active running of postfix but not able to configure opendkim. Yum, epel or opendkim commands are not working. Can anyone provide steps or any kind of documentation. Free or paid will also work. Need urgent help.
  3. Ashish Shukla

    Mask Email address

    Hi Team, I enabled Mask email address to YES for my Team in customer account and I these emails are visible to me from backend. When I am exporting these emails from backend then It's Masked for me as well in csv, while these are clearly visible in backend. Can you please suggest where to...
  4. Ashish Shukla

    Anyone for MW complete UI change and extensions addon

    Hi, Is there anyone have complete new design of Mailwizz or ready to make it with our requirements? Also we require some new extensions.
  5. Ashish Shukla

    Campaign to multiple List

    Hi @twisted1919 I think It was the common question from everyone to send a campaign on Multiple lists and you suggested to include in 2.0. But in MW 2.0.24 I am not able find that option either customer or Backend account. Can you please help to enable that. Thanks, Ashish
  6. Ashish Shukla

    wrong bounce categorization

    Hi Team, Few of the bounce reason I can clearly see, there are the hard bounce because of Invalid user or domain or 554 ...etc. But MW application shows as Internal bounce. Can you please guide me where to change these categorization in the Application. PS: I am using PowerMTA Thanks, Ashish
  7. Ashish Shukla

    Spamcop Blocks Problem

    Hi All, Somehow we build reputation in Yahoo servers and sending email 100K/daily from each IP. But my IP provider doesn't like this :( We already signed up yahoo FBL and It's working well. But in few cases users reports to spamcop. Spamcop forward that email to IP provider and then they block...
  8. Ashish Shukla

    Recaptcha for Block email address

    Hi, Can you someone help to enable Recaptcha for Block email address and other public form. However I already enabled for login page. Thanks, Ashish
  9. Ashish Shukla

    Global Blacklist Spam complaint

    Hi, At current situation if someone complaint we make them unsubscribe via FBL. How can we add them to Global Blacklist? Thanks, Ashish
  10. Ashish Shukla

    Mailwizz 1.9.25

    Hi, I have multiple users in system I can login all except old one which I created. Can anyone please suggest. It's urgent However I can login backend account from Backend as well not able to move that account. Thanks, Ashish
  11. Ashish Shukla

    Sending failed with: Connection to x.x.x.x Timed Out

    Hi Team, I have PowerMTA in destination server with high configuration, which is never used that much. I facing a big problem and it's killing delivery speed. [2021-02-20 06:47:22] - Sending failed with: Connection to x.x.x.x Timed Out Log data: !! Connection to x.x.x.x Timed Out (code: 0)...
  12. Ashish Shukla

    Unknown error while opening the connection! For Bounce server

    Hi, I want to setup new bounce server but getting error, Unknown error while opening the connection! While I checked both server, Mailwizz and bounce, have same Php 7.3.26. Not sure what exactly problem. Can you please help?
  13. Ashish Shukla

    Finding campaign max subscribers count and adjusting quota left

    Hey, Facing a problem on slow sending, while debug cron I can see campaign takes too much time for, Finding campaign max subscribers count and adjusting quota left. Anyone have idea how to solve this. Thanks, Ashish
  14. Ashish Shukla

    Suppression import option with Notepad and without Header

    Hi Team, Do we have any option to import suppression file as txt and without Email header. Thanks, Ashish
  15. Ashish Shukla

    Seeking MW expert to optimization

    Hi, I need someone who can help me to improve Mailwizz performance, we have high configuration server but still mails are going slow from Mailwizz Application. Currently we are sending 1000 campaigns with total 8M volume in 12 hours. Now we need someone who can help to make it fast with 2000...
  16. Ashish Shukla

    Anyone using,

    Hi, Anyone using services of ? Can you please help me to see their accuracy for Yahoo Disabled account. Prompt response will be highly appreciated, It's urgent. Thanks, Ashish
  17. Ashish Shukla

    Error: "421 4.7.0 [TSS04] Messages from x.x.x.x temporarily deferred due to user complaints

    Hi, Is there anyone have solution for above problem. We are regular yahoo sender and have huge database size, But stuck with Yahoo TSS04 temporary deferred problem. Checked all authentications are good, IPs are not blacklisted and content is also good. Contacted Yahoo they simple said follow...
  18. Ashish Shukla

    Best Dedicated IP providers for Email

    Hi, Can anyone suggest who is best dedicated IP provider for Emails. Thanks in advance! -- Ashish
  19. Ashish Shukla

    In boxing issue

    Hi, Since mid of November I am facing inboxing issue specially in Yahoo. IPs reputations are good volume is high and consistence. Anyone faced such issue or do you have solution for that. Please help. Thanks, Ashish
  20. Ashish Shukla

    Version 1.8.9 Delivery servers removal

    Hi, I am about to upgrade, but before what to know what does mean by [ENH] - Delivery servers are now removed in background What will be impact on Delivery server. Thanks, Ashish