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  1. Wah

    Metronic theme for MW

    very nice
  2. Wah

    Signing enabled

  3. Wah

    Reset Autoresponder Stats WITHOUT Cloning IT

    nope not yet , 2.0 looks promising though
  4. Wah

    Signing enabled

    so i should set it to no ,
  5. Wah

    Signing enabled

    what does the Signing enabled or unenbled function do in delivery server settings?
  6. Wah

    Warning : InnoDB:

  7. Wah

    Warning : InnoDB:

    my mail wizz site is down this is the database error we are getting any help appreciated Warning : InnoDB: Index 'fk_delivery_server_usage_log_customer1_idx' contains 2607924 entries, should be 2607741. Warning : InnoDB: Index 'customer_countable_date' contains 2607839 entries, should be...
  8. Wah

    Very bad open rates with MailWizz. It renders my campaigns useless

    Eagerly awaiting any findings as I suffer from low open rates also but do not have any tech skills so any fix would be appreciated
  9. Wah

    disable the server ports 25 and 465

    where mil wizz is hosted has been blocked, not any private smtp servers
  10. Wah

    disable the server ports 25 and 465

    Hi there, my host has blocked we had to disable the server ports 25 and 465 on the database server would mailwizz still send Campinas to the smtp server or will that now be blocked now
  11. Wah

    What is your opinion about MailWizz offering a global blacklist service?

    i would gladly love this feature, i currently manage my own blacklist it is around 60miillon and growing , im no tech but yes tis would work for me
  12. Wah

    We are Providing SMTP Service,You can use it in any mailing portal.

    how did this service work out ?