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  1. nadworks

    multiple subscribe/unsubscribe notifications

    How can we have Notifications for new subscribes/unsubscribes go to more than one email address? I've just tested it and when entering two email addresses (comma-separated), nothing is being delivered. :(
  2. nadworks

    Change logs

    I agree with @RoTrKO. The changelog needs to be accessible from the top "new version" alert in the backend, so it can be accessed ahead of an auto-update without having to download the entire package manually.
  3. nadworks

    campaign schedule + recurring

    It's Friday AM and I want to create a weekly recurring campaign to go out at 3pm every Friday. How can I avoid initially 2 emails going out by accident? Do I use the normal schedule box for the initial campaign send and rely on the recurring to send the next one exactly one week later? Or...
  4. nadworks

    API dev to track and capture user actions after click-through

    Hi Wizzards, anyone able to help with this? It'll need to be done in a way for us to replicate/repeat on other client accounts going forward as a data capture and optimisation method. Please DM or email.
  5. nadworks

    Confirmed user actions after click-through

    The following scenario: We used to work a lot with one-click actions: recipient clicks on a particular link and through "Change subscriber custom field on link clicked", we changed a custom field for later segmentation. Since open and click-throughs have become highly unreliable (Apple's MPP and...
  6. nadworks

    changelog of latest version

    Hi MW team, could you consider making the changelog of the newest version visible to those of us who are not manually updating? The Backend > Miscellaneous > Changelog location only shows the log up to the version we have installed. However, the announcement of a new update should ideally tell...
  7. nadworks

    List growth/shrink reporting

    Thanks. I was thrown by the three decimals and read all figures as "thousands". :D
  8. nadworks

    Sending email issue

    Test 1-3: Are you creating campaign copies (via the cc button) and are you, therefore, using the same Send Group each time? If yes, that will block all previous recipients. Could that be the issue? Test 4: no idea
  9. nadworks

    List growth/shrink reporting

    Would it be a total pain in the neck to present the graphs for list growth (new subscribers vs. unsubscribes) more like this? It would make more sense and present a more accessible snapshot. The current graph combining positive (subscribers) with negative (unsubscribed) in the same section...
  10. nadworks

    Custom tags not working correctly in subject lines

    I can live w/your first suggestion for now, but having more display options would be a great idea - maybe per list or client where define the [CURRENT_DATE] format on a customer or list level.
  11. nadworks

    RSS Feed Wordpress

    That's great, @Gehasi. Missed your post and somehow stumbled upon this exact same bit of code.
  12. nadworks

    Custom tags not working correctly in subject lines

    MW team, could you therefore pls add [CURRENT_DATE] to the available tags pulldown in the campaign settings? Just so my clients have the option to use it without asking. Many thanks! Is there also a chance to re-format the date to display correctly in a European readable format = DD/MM/YY? The...
  13. nadworks

    How to Dynamically Insert x-number of Latest Blog posts in Mailwizz template

    Just spent some more time and figured it out. The following code, added to the theme's functions.php, did the trick: add_filter( 'rss2_ns', function(){ echo 'xmlns:media=""'; }); // insert the image object into the RSS item (see MB-191)...
  14. nadworks

    How to Dynamically Insert x-number of Latest Blog posts in Mailwizz template

    Since all of our clients use WordPress, would you know how the image (post image / thumbnail) could be displayed independently from the content so your example <img src="[XML_FEED_ITEM_IMAGE]" /> can be used? Right now, the image is part of the [XML_FEED_ITEM_DESCRIPTION] and shows, but would...
  15. nadworks

    How to Dynamically Insert x-number of Latest Blog posts in Mailwizz template

    Thanks, Cosmin. The difference between the two feeds is that one is ALL posts, and the other is just from that category. That's why they are very similar. The ASCII in the title tag came from the SEO plugin. I've managed to fix it and it seems to be working now. Thanks for your help.
  16. nadworks

    How to Dynamically Insert x-number of Latest Blog posts in Mailwizz template

    Here's the category feed I was unable to use:
  17. nadworks

    How to Dynamically Insert x-number of Latest Blog posts in Mailwizz template

    Hi MW Team, could this article be updated according to comments above, please? I.e. ... the "you will have to enable the feature" is still in there and needs to be removed to avoid confusion I've just tried this with a category feed, which doesn't seem to be working, even through the category...
  18. nadworks

    Any plan for e-commerce extensions paid / free?

    The more free plug&play integrations we can offer, the more popular MW will become. Easily adding opt-in check-boxes to popular form builders, Woocommerce check-out forms, Shopify, opencart etc. will be winners for MW. We're already half way there with the API. But built-in integrations would be...
  19. nadworks

    From your experiences, what is the best service provider for ( delivery server + bounce servers )

    I've never used SES Sandbox. And just for the benefit of people stumbling upon this post, here's the walk-through: (although the UI has since changed)