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    Subscribers Email Through API

    Try to remove /create from your url. Make it:
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    /campaigns/regular page times out/resource intensive

    Please try to update to the latest version and check again, as ghimes said we added some improvements that helps the pages to loads.
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    Complaints report

    Complaints are the one mailwizz collects automatically when people click the "This is spam" button in the email. You can use Max. complaint rate option from Backend > Settings > Cron (When a campaign reaches this complaint rate, it will be blocked. Set to -1 to disable this check or between 1...
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    MW 2.X high-level performance

    Sending groups are used for another scope: Can you try to change these setting until you find the best settings for you. Yes, this can be the reason...
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    Pages not loading after turning file extension off

    Can you tell us exactly what you did ? You changed some settings from mailwizz?
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    Order Confirmation / Notice / Invoice / Renew

    No, that is not possible.
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    Sending email issue

    @footprints - Can you check if these subscribers are confirmed in your list? Also can you check Backend > Misc > Campaigns delivery logs and see if campaign has been sent to these subscribers?
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    Clicking "login as customer" takes me to a login page where i have to enter email and password

    @tmscanlan - I just tested on our dev and it's working correctly. Can you confirm you are following these steps? Backend > Customers > From table you click on option button and click Login as customer? Also this customer is active one ?
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    User Manual

    No we don't have such files.
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    /campaigns/regular page times out/resource intensive

    @eggerda - Please check this article:
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    mailwizz minimum emails per day

    Please check this article:
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    mailwizz minimum emails per day

    You can send how many emails you want per day, you have daily and hourly quota on delivery server which can be set according to your needs.
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    Order Confirmation / Notice / Invoice / Renew

    When new customer purchase new plan then all quota will be reseted and added to the new group with new quota from that group.
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    Cron fails to function

    Please make sure your cron are added correctly to your server, there should be entries in the Backend->Miscellaneous->Cronjobs history. If nothing there, means they are not running. check these articles:
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    Weird behaviour in AR campaigns

    Check response in your ticket.
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    how to reveal unsubscribed emails

    Backend > Settings > Customers > Common > Mask email addresses
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    Weird behaviour in AR campaigns

    Can you check if all subscribers are confirmed? also can you check campaigns delivery logs from Backend > Misc > Campaigns delivery logs and see if that subscriber received the email?
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    New feature (Notes) in latest Mailwizz version

    This is to write some notes about your customers, for example if one of your customer make spam you can create a note for that customer and add this details to see all backend users. These will be available only in backend area and customer will cannot see these notes.
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    Emails on Multiple Lists Custom Fields Sync

    That is not possible.
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    Large Number of application files

    For v2 api documentation: