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    Can't create bounce server, "Can't login to this server" error.

    Please I can't create a bounce server, I keep getting a "Can't login to this server" error. Kindly help
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    Please i need help with this Error 500, mutex is not writable

    When I create list and select "back to list" I get the error. Kindly see the screenshot pls. Also when I want to delete a list it pops up. Even when I want to save subscribers I keep getting the same error, mutex is not writable. How do I resolve this pls. Thank you.
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    List Upload Issues

    Hi, I uploaded a list of 434,856 emails out of which 433,442 emails were successfully uploaded. But when I checked the numbers on the list page, I saw only 262,490. I don't understand why much of the emails were removed. I attached the screenshots of both the uploaded emails and the report I...
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    Test emails sent on the template page delivers while emails sent via campaigns are not delivered

    Please help. Test emails sent on the template page delivers while emails sent via campaigns are not delivered
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    I can't upload my list

    Hello, Please I need help with uploading my list. It's only 10.1MB in size and I've increased both my limit to 20MB on both backend and on php.ini. But I'm surprised with this error "From a total of 0 possible subscribers, so far 0 have been processed, 0 successfully and 0 with errors. 0%...
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    Installation Error

    Please help. I just finished setting up a new license and when I logged in to the backend, here's what I saw. And I setup all the cron jobs appropriately: The "send-campaigns" command did not run in the last 12 hours. Please check your cron jobs and make sure they are properly set! The...
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    How can I redirect a subcriber to a custom URL after they've subscribed

    Please how can I redirect a subscriber to a custom URL after they've subscribed to my list? I saw this solution on the forum but it wasn't clear to me. However, I thought I should use the "pending subscribe" page but there's nowhere...
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    What tag can I use for phone number form field please?

    Please can someone help me with the tag I need to use for the phone number form field... Thank you.
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    How do I connect my Elementor optin form to my Mailwizz list

    Hi, I set up a landing page with Elementor that has a form, how do I connect it to my Mailwizz list? Thank you.