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  1. Pankaj Singh

    MailGun Remove SMTP Password from 1st NOV 2021

    News is "The Coming Domains API Change To Remove The SMTP Password On November 1, 2021" Would it possible if my Auto-responder sending(using MailGun Web APi) stopped working on NOV 21 ?
  2. Pankaj Singh

    change subscriber Profile Info

    Is there any way that we can change data for subscriber Profile Info ? or where is store in Mysql table ?
  3. Pankaj Singh

    Wrong hard Bounce Code

    I just wonder that see lots of hard bounces however as per my knowedge all of them should be either Internal or Soft bounce, check following error : 554 Email rejected due to security policies - [kP21KhxBPc6RTrF02ezm4Q.uk282] 554...
  4. Pankaj Singh

    unable to edit update List !

    folks, encounter issue when try to edit/update any list ! when i click on edit list then page turns to white text mod, please check screenshot given below : Whats wrong ? Is something php or any issue ? Server RAM and CPU is fine ! Thanks in advanced !
  5. Pankaj Singh

    Action against subscribers upon Opens/Clicks

    what is difference between : Actions against subscribers upon campaign open VS Actions against subscribers upon campaign sent
  6. Pankaj Singh

    Bots/Spam Bots

    i have 30 email subscribers which are bounced if i send through gmail or yahoo however with Mailwizz sending all of them delivered and even some get opened and clicked ! i know this behavior like a internal/Script bots but wonder why all bounced with gmail/yahoo sending and with mailwizz not ...