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    How to send a series of newsletters (autoresponder)?

    Hello, please can you help. I can't figure out from the documentation how to do this: I'd like to send out a series of emails, e.g. every day or every other day, to members who subscribed to a newsletter service. I already have, say, 20 emails prepared in advance. So when a member subscribes...
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    How to integrate with MailChimp?

    Hello, I have opened an account with MailChimp - simply because it's the system used for capturing email addresses in a funnel app that I've purchased. The question is - is there a way to automatically get contacts that have been added to MailChimp and add them to a MailWizz list? Maybe an...
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    How to request reconfirmation for existing subscribers?

    I've seen a few posts about this, but so far I can't see what the solution is. I've just purchased MailWizz and imported all my existing subscribers into a list. Now I want to write to each of them to let them know about my new system and to confirm that they still want to be subscribers. How...