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  1. Vpul Shah

    Cron Jobs

    If you just configure, then wait for an Hour, so Hourly cron will run. And wait for a day, so Daily cron will run. Make sure your cronjob is running.
  2. Vpul Shah

    I need someone who can configure my DB

    Sent you PM.
  3. Vpul Shah

    Help Needed

    Just create folder and give permission and try.
  4. Vpul Shah

    Help Needed

    Hi Kranthi, As it said - The directory must be writable by the web server (chmod -R 0777). - You need to give permission to that Directory.
  5. Vpul Shah

    install and configure ZoneMTA

    Hi PM you.
  6. Vpul Shah

    I create campaign and run - sent -100% but didn't delivery - 0%

    Hi, sent -100% but didn't delivery - 0% - Check campaign delivery log and Delivery server log - you will find something there. For AWS SES - you need to verify each Email id in SES, then after you can use it to send Email.
  7. Vpul Shah

    CRON Issue

    You can just run a command on your VPS root: crontab -e and paste cron jobs here. restart cron job.
  8. Vpul Shah

    Solution for SSL Certificates on tracking subdomains with https urls ?

    For your subdomain - you can point it to same IP which you use for maindomain. So your let's encrypt SSL see IP during renewal time.
  9. Vpul Shah

    From Names and Email with Multiple Servers

    Hi Darren, You can set Force from to Yes in Delivery server settings, so it will send from that details only. With this settings your campaign from email will not use that id.
  10. Vpul Shah

    reset license not working

    You can use this license key now to your new installation.
  11. Vpul Shah

    Emailing routing solution

    Sent you PM.
  12. Vpul Shah

    Quick question

    No need to purchase it again. But if you want to install as fresh installation, then you need to reset your license from website.
  13. Vpul Shah

    How dynamically add From Address & Name

    In Campaign Setup - you need to write From Email and Reply to Email. But in Delivery Server From Email and Reply Email - you setup Force From YES then it will used that one.
  14. Vpul Shah

    How dynamically add From Address & Name

    You can set Force From in your Delivery Server.
  15. Vpul Shah

    I need help with my scenario

    Hi Segun, Actually if you want to send higher then you need both server with good configuration. Mailwizz server need higher configuration and SMTP will be little less compare to that will work. 32GB RAM / SSD drives, say >= 512GB, and xeon CPU, say >= 16 cores" - this is good for the Mailwizz...
  16. Vpul Shah

    Tracking Bounces from SMTP Mail250

    You can create Bounce server with your sending domain and attached it with your Delivery Server. Then test with bounce email and see you receive bounce emails or not.
  17. Vpul Shah

    Gmail IMAP Bounce Server - Unreachable

    Gmail IMAP Port is 993. While you are using 933. Change it and see.