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  1. d3m0n

    BounceHandler rules override with auto reply

    Hello Community, hope everyone is safe I know that auto replies are considered as soft bounce and i am looking for a solution how to exclude them from the bounce list and make them drop into the mailbox I have created a copy of the rules.php file cp apps/common/vendors/BounceHandler/rules.php...
  2. d3m0n

    subaccounts question

    Hello, is there a setting to make subaccount see only their own lists? thx in advance
  3. d3m0n

    webhooks question

    Hello, I know about Mailwizz ability to send webhooks when campaigns or link is opened. Are there any other webhooks that we can address? I want to send a POST request to our CRM every time a user is registered containing name and email. What controller can be used in the registration form /...
  4. d3m0n

    send a how to new registered users

    Hello Community, hope everyone is safe. I am looking for the best possible way to address my newly registered users with a 1-2-3 step email guide on automated basis. e.g.: send a welcome mail after registration after let's say a week send a second mail with a fist setup guide and after another...
  5. d3m0n

    install and configure ZoneMTA

    Hello Community, hope everybody is safe. need some professional help with zonemta installation and configuration scope of the task: install ZoneMTA additionally install ZMTA-WebAdmin page. configure sending zones to determine the amount of emails that...
  6. d3m0n

    Need a custom development

    Hello, need a few simple customisations for mailwizz to be applied 1. need to modify the /apps/common/vendors/BounceHandler/rules.php and remove " out of office auto replies " rules so they are not treated as bounces save it as rules-custom-override.php so that it does't get overridden...
  7. d3m0n

    custom price plans

    Hello Community, hope everyone is safe. when i tried to add email marketing and transactional price plans i ended up with 12 items in the price section , which looks a bit messy to me. I was thinking to dived it into groups via tabs. in one tab email marketing pricing in another transactional...
  8. d3m0n

    customer area translation

    Hello Community, is there a way to generate files needed to be translated to localise only customer section ? i have followed the manual and created files for the entire system , is there a way to do just the client side? thx
  9. d3m0n

    sending domain dkim

    Hello Everybody, when creating a sending domain i get a dkim key that i insert into my dns and i successfully pass the validation , but during campaign sending the key is not passed , where should i take a look to debug this point ? any advices are welcome
  10. d3m0n

    404 when trying to delete campaign

    Hello, i get 404 when i try to remove campaign in the customer section , removing other stuff in different sections works , normal , like i can remove list and groups this happens when i enable the theme in customer area any ideas? thx
  11. d3m0n

    DragDropEditor enabled for some groups

    Hello, is there a way to enable the DragDropEditor only for certain customer groups? thx in advance
  12. d3m0n

    clicks and opens stats

    Hello, i have noticed a strange stats behaviour the stats for opens and clicks updates only during 3-5 hours after campaign has been sent , but the bounce status updates constantly. what could possibly be the cause of this ? thanks in advance
  13. d3m0n

    view attachment & signature

    Hello, a have two questions regarding mailwizz functionality a) is there a way to preview attachments if i have a pdf for example and i want to preview it? b) is there a functionality how to include signature , create a custom html signature and include it to as a code like a unsubscribe link...
  14. d3m0n

    template galery

    Hello, is there a way to reveal the template gallery to unregistered users on the website ? thx
  15. d3m0n

    sticky footer

    Hello, is there a way to set a permanent footer for some costumer group? i want to create a free group to promote my service and it would be nice to have a "sticky footer" that they can't remove ? is there a way? thx for the tip
  16. d3m0n

    bouncehandler not posting results back to mailwizz

    Hello , i have decided to try the bouncehander utility to manage bounces from PowerMTA from the log the process looks fine but the data is not posted back to mailwizz i have connected via API and credits any tips on what could be wrong? thx [30/Jul/2019 19:01:51] Handling bounce...
  17. d3m0n

    manually process bounced

    Hello, is there a way to manually process bounced? i have a csv file with bounced emails from a sent campaign is there a way to process it? thx in advance
  18. d3m0n

    soft and internal bounces

    Hello, is there a way to turn off soft bounce and internal bounces getting into blacklist for a certain costumer ? thx
  19. d3m0n

    interactive pdf forms blocked

    Hello, lately i have some complaints from costumers , that are including pdf attachments in their emails. The attachments contain interactive signup forms at the bottom. The emails are being blocked even though domains a corporate and ips are not filtered nor have bad reputation thank you in...
  20. d3m0n

    pause after 100 emails

    Hello, is there a way or an algorithm that i can apply to pause or to use another delivery server after i have sent 100 emails to certain domain , or after i have sent 100 emails thx in advance