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  1. twisted1919

    Export stripo HTML needs public and private key

    Just use the API key twice ;)
  2. twisted1919

    List growth/shrink reporting

    @nadworks - Okay @ghimes - see this ;)
  3. twisted1919

    Problems with Amazon SES

    Gotcha... Then I am afraid the only way to find out what is going on is to ask support...
  4. twisted1919

    List growth/shrink reporting

    @nadworks - we're working on something these days, let's see how this turns out. Do we include imported subscribers?
  5. twisted1919

    Spam Folder Reporting Issues

    That's really not fine at all, the fact you're listed in blacklists is a huge problem which might be as well the root cause of all the issues. They don't know your email is legit, since the sending IP is listed in a blacklist, they take preventive actions like this one. They do the right thing.
  6. twisted1919

    Spam Folder Reporting Issues

    @Mike Somerville - The only issue I can think of, is: Did you check and fixed that? What does mail-tester say? What score do you get there, because if you get a 10/10, then really there's nothing...
  7. twisted1919

    Problems with Amazon SES

    I am a bit out of the loop with their process as well, sorry. Do those complaints you get in MailWizz get any description as to why they happen?
  8. twisted1919

    Problems with Amazon SES

    You should ask amazon support about this, only they can tell you why they're doing this. MailWizz simply processes what they send to our registered SNS topic.
  9. twisted1919

    tag to people based on the URL where they opt in

    You can have a hidden field in your list, say PROMO_SOURCE and then when you send people on your subscription form, append that to the url, like: This way, when the form is saved, your custom field will...
  10. twisted1919

    Is it possible to run bulk create / update API request?

    I wouldn't do that, we keep a lot of counters in sync when the data goes through the code, bypassing the code will have side effects. Agree, but currently this is our only option.
  11. twisted1919

    Campaigns not sending - crons not running?

    1.x requires PHP >= 5.2, so that's why ;)
  12. twisted1919

    Campaigns not sending - crons not running?

    MailWizz needs PHP >= 7.2 in order to work, your cron jobs seem to target 7.0, so edit them and instead of /usr/local/bin/ea-php70 use /usr/local/bin/ea-php72 or /usr/local/bin/ea-php74
  13. twisted1919

    Mailwizz backup manager License for multiple Mailwizz app?

    Each license, no matter the product or type of license, is only available for one single active install, so you need separate regular licenses.
  14. twisted1919

    List of lists

    Unfortunately, beside export and then import, there's no better way( alternatively, from All Subscribers > Filters > Create List). You cant do that from within the app, just by using the API, by sending the subscribers in all lists.
  15. twisted1919

    facing issue while uploading email data

    This is your problem: 100k is huge, MailWizz works in batches. put something like 300 or so there. As a rule of thumb, do not change settings unless you absolutely know what you're doing, once you get more experience with MailWizz ;)
  16. twisted1919

    send a how to new registered users

    Gotcha, why not add them in a mailwizz list and start a series of autoresponders?
  17. twisted1919

    send a how to new registered users

    Has this been rezolved?
  18. twisted1919

    Un-pausing a recurring Regular Campaign sends emails from the "pause period." Can this be avoided?

    This is the expected and correct behavior. Skipping users because the campaign has been paused would not be acceptable. For your use case, I advise simply creating a new campaign and then in the new campaign, just exclude people that received/opened the previous one, MailWizz offers you this...
  19. twisted1919

    How to increase Mailiwizz Email Sending Speed limit per hours?

    I mean physically close together. If your MailWizz server is in Europe and your SMTP server is in South America, you can see how the data has to travel a long distance which takes time. You should aim to have your MailWizz server and your SMTP server in same data center if possible, if not, at...
  20. twisted1919

    Recuring campains

    It's been added today, so all good ;)