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  1. kosir

    [IMPORTANT] VestaCP Mass Hack

    As of yesterday, I am noticing some strange activities on one of my servers with VestaCP. The server load was so high I had to contact support for help. As it turned out my server became a part of DDOS network. How you might ask? Well, read this...
  2. kosir

    Rotate From email

    a quick question @twisted1919 I am using MailWizz with PMTA which allow relaying, so I can use 1 SMTP account to send mail from any email address within domain (news@domain, notice@domain, ...) Is there a way to rotate From Mail without adding a new delivery server? [RANDOM_CONTENT is not...
  3. kosir

    Preheader in custom template

    Hello, I created a custom template and everything except preheader is showing. I am using the preheader field but it's not added to my emails. My question, how can I add text from preheader field to my template? It's not listed under available tags.