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    Automatic subscriber subscription to a list

    Is there a way to subscribe a customer to a list via the registration form on MW Customer registration page.?
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    You are required to verify your sending domain( in order to be able to send this ca

    Hi, Can anyone help with the below? Note: I have replaced my domain with I have a Sparkpsot account and have successfully verified DKIM Reacord, SPF and email address for my domain, all have a green tick next to them. I have setup Sparkpost as me delivery server on MW, sent...
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    MailWizz Setup for Multiple Domains and authenticated senders

    Hi, I am a newbie and think MailWizz is awesome and have a few questions on how Mailwizz can be setup My Goal:- I want to setup delivery servers for all my customers, so they do not have control these settings. I plan to setup two or more servers to split the delivery load. Once a customer...