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    Accessing data external to MailWizz for use in outgoing mails?

    Just after a bit of guidance really. In some cases I'd like to access small amounts of data from our databases to personalise outgoing mails. The data would be different for each outgoing email address. Is there an existing way to do that, or could I write a hook or filter to do it? Colin
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    Automatically create API keys?

    Is there any programmatic way to prod MailWizz into creating API keys for a customer? I can't see anything in the API to do it. Reason I ask is that I have hundreds of customers to set up, and then interface with our own code, hence the need for API keys. Just getting Mailwizz to create them...
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    List of Tags in "List Page Types"

    Is there a list of tags we can use in the "List Page Types" pages? And is it still the case that we can't use Twig in those pages? Thanks, Colin
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    Create/Update single/double opt-in list via API?

    Can we specify single/double opt-in when updating a list via the API? I looked in the API docs but couldn't see anything. Reason for wanting this ability is that we want to have a list that is double opt-in but we have a requirement in some circumstances to add a subscriber via the API without...