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    Not rotating servers

    Hi, I have done the following settings as attached. My intention is to rotate emailing server every 20 emails sent, slowly by 20 emails per minute. It doesn't seem to work that way. Did I miss something?
  2. J

    Domain reputation - Will it "Reset"

    I understand that if an IP or a group of IPs are left alone for 1-2 months+ their reputation can be reset to new. Will domain reputation be the same?
  3. J

    Force Optin Process

    In this Customer->Groups->Update Customer Groups->"Force the OPT-IN process" If I se it to yes, I understand that all optin via the form will be double optin by default. How about importing of list and API subscription? Are they also double optin by default if I set this to "Yes"?
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    Setting customers to mail up to 3 times per day

    I want to set my customers to mail up to 3 times per day, not limit the number of emails sent. How do I do this setting? I checked in Groups and it seems to set base on number of emails per day.
  5. J

    A background image for register page

    The page here: Looks a little boring as it's grey in color. Is it possible to add a background image just to jazz it up?
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    Connect Mailwizz to SendGrid as an ESP

    I have 2 dedicated IP addresses (to increase more in future) in Sendgrid. I have my Mailwizz all set up. I need to do the following: - Connect Sendgrid to Mailwizz - Setup bounces and returns at Mailwizz - Detect and report complaints at Mailwizz However I hit some issues as I can't seem to...
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    No Logo

    I saw this screenshot where I can put a logo: But in my backend it's not there: Did I miss any settings? Or it has been removed?