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    How to Promote Mailwizz as an Affiliate

    I love, love LOVE Mailwizz. I want to promote it to all my marketing students. Where can I sign up as an affiliate?
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    Questions re: Mailwizz 2.0

    Before I upgrade to 2.0 I have a few questions: - I have several other software connected via API to mailwizz. If I upgrade to 2.0, will that change or break my api integrations with the other software? - Currently I am using backup manager to automate updates. Will I continue to use backup...
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    soft bounces for with message "invalid domain"

    For the past week or two, I've been seeing a LOT of soft bounces for (the domain is spelled correctly) with the error message "smtp; 550 5.4.4 Invalid domain" Why is this happening, and will these email addresses be mailed to again when the next autoresponder message goes out?
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    UNmove subscribers back to original list?

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    Need Help Creating a New Segment

    I'm trying to create a segment of inactive subscribers... subscribers who haven't opened any campaigns in the last 30 days (so I can easily identify them and send some "last chance" messages to them before excluding them from future mailings). I have created a custom tag for "number of opens"...
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    For some reason MW is not sending my campaigns

    I had no problems yesterday. However, today I set up a regular campaign to go out 30 min ago and it's still pending. I cannot figure out why... no other campaigns were scheduled today, and admin cron settings have "yes" for adjust campaigns at once. I tried sending the message via my Sendy...
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    All of a sudden, MW isn't entering my default email to send campaigns

    @twisted1919 , everything was working fine yesterday, but today... I go into MW customer account to send a campaign and it is putting my gmail address as the to/from instead of the domain-based email I set up in the system. The delivery server is still using the correct email address. The ONLY...
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    Setting autoresponders to send at a specific time

    I am setting up an autoresponder series. Each message sends 1 day after the previous autoresponder message. Is there a way I can set it up to send at a specific time of day (such as 10am or 3pm?) And, if I set it up to send at a specific time of day, do I need to do that with each message in...
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    How can I change the background color for the html source code editor?

    Hi @twisted1919 , I work in the source code of my emails a lot. And I find the black/blue background in the html source code editor to be very hard on my eyes (my eyes are blurry for a few minutes after I use it every tme). Is there a control somewhere that will allow me to change the...
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    Question re: Updating MailWizz

    Using FTP took over 2 hours. I was wondering if instead of using FTP to update MailWizz next time... Can I zip the "update" folder and install via cpanel the way I initially installed MailWizz?
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    Autoresponders not sending after mailwizz update

    Ok, I had 2 autoresponders that were set up to mail to 2 separate lists today... and neither has sent yet. Autoresponder #1: Set to send 1 day after subscribe, with activation date/time of 4/13/21 12:15pm Eastern... not sent Autoresponder #2: Set to send 1 day after campaign sent (campaign...
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    [SOLVED] Update Mailwizz and now Bounces and Complaints are not recording!

    @twisted1919 , I have a BIG problem... I'm using Amazon SES Api. I updated mailwizz yesterday and - although my system was recording bounces/complaints before the update - it's not recording them anymore (I tested with fake email addresses this morning and MailWizz is not recording the bounces...
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    Autoresponder not sending drip messages

    @twisted1919 , I've set up my autoresponder according to the instructions: - every drip message I add has the same setup day/time as the first drip message As you will see from the screenshot, the first message was sent successfully to 173 subscribers. - The 2nd message was set up to be sent...
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    Quick Question re: Amazon SES API bounces/complaints setup

    @twisted1919 and anyone else who can help, I set up my Mailwizz system to connect with Amazon SES API. I followed instructions to create an IAM user with programmatic access that has full permissions for both AmazonSESFullAccess and AmazonSNSFullAccess. When I did this, it automatically...
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    [CLOSED] SES Bounce & Complaints not recording in MailWizz

    First, let me start by saying I'm not very technical. So, please write responses in layman's terms. Thanks! lol Ok, so everything has been sending via Amazon SES with no problem for the past week, however I've noticed that MW isn't recording bounces or complaints. So I started investigating...
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    header unsubscribe is missing

    I am sending via Amazon SES API. I just sent a test message to myself before sending to my list, and noticed that the header unsubscribe is missing (see attached). Is there a setting I need to toggle to turn it on?
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    Does Amazon SES API require a tracking domain?

    I've connected Amazon SES API to MailWizz. I understand that means I don't need a bounce server or feedback loop server, but... Do I need to set up a Sending Domain and/or a Tracking Domain?
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    the Preheader does not work

    I've tested several times. Even when not using any punctuation, the text I enter into the preheader does NOT show up on the emails that are sent. I'm pretty certain I'm using the most current version of Mailwizz as I just purchased it less than a week ago.
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    SOLVED: How do I send a campaign to more than 1 list?

    I'd like to set an autoresponder campaign up once, but have the same campaign sent to 3 lists. Is there any way to tell it to send to all 3 without having to create all the emails in the campaign 3 times?
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    how do I choose which delivery server to use for a campaign?

    I have more than 1 delivery server set up in my system. When I log into my customer account to send a campaign to my lists, how do I choose the delivery server I want to use to send the email to that list?