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    Sending quotas?

    We have a customer group that has the following quota settings: We have a customer who is in this group. Around the 2nd or 3rd of each month, we bill this client for their previous month's mails and then reset their sending quota. For the past few months, this customer is showing roughly...
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    Asset manager WITHOUT CKEditor

    We have an in-house email design team who are coding email templates for campaigns. These guys don't need nor do they want to have CK Editor enabled on the edit screen, because it tends to mangle code sometimes and it's just more trouble than it's worth. The problem is, when CK Editor is...
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    White Labeling?

    So we have several different brands that we are managing from a single Mailwizz installation (We have multiple licenses for customer installations, but this one installation is handling all of our internal mailing for our internal brands) Anyway - The question is this: Let's say our...
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    SES - Persistent Connections?

    Does Mailwizz take advantage of the fact that the AWS SES API allows persistent HTTP connections in order to avoid the overhead of establishing a new connection with each message?
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    Where to view sending cycle logs?

    I am trying to gauge the performance of our setup to determine why our sending speed is lower than I'd like. In this thread the user mentioned viewing the sending cycle logs, but I can't figure out where those are at in the...
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    How to manage recurring campaigns?

    So we created a campaign and set it to recur every day. Where do we go to manage this new campaign / change its schedule / stop it from sending in the future?
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    Mailgun multiple domains

    We have 20+ domains in our Mailgun account. When creating the Mailgun delivery server in Mailwizz, we are only asked for one domain name in the setup screen. Because of this, only one domain gets the webhooks set over at Mailgun. Doesn't this mean that only that one domain will have...