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    Setting up a warm-up schedule

    Good Morning, I'm using MailWizz and PostalSMTP via the API. I've setup a campaign of 50k emails to send my newsletter. My problem is the SMTP server is brand new and i'd like to warm-up the IPs. Currently i'm manually creating lists for every X amount of emails to be sent per my schedule and...
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    MailWizz Template over 10mil characters long freezes wysiwyg

    I have a template I created for mailwizz where I've converted the images to Base64, in doing so I've obviously created a very large template in HTML over 10million characters long and when I paste it into the HTML source view of the editor it's freezing and not allowing me to continue. I'm...
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    Suggested Config for 1customer (Myself) and 10 VM Delivery Servers

    As there are no replies yet, let me clarify my question. What would be the optimal configuration to rotate between 10 delivery servers in terms of time intervals/messages per minute/hour/day for best chances of not getting blacklisted assuming everything on DNS is configured correctly for...
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    Suggested Config for 1customer (Myself) and 10 VM Delivery Servers

    Hello Mail Wizz's I'm hoping to get some insight into good configuration settings for the BEST possible deliverability. I've installed MailWizz for myself only I don't intend on having any clients use it just to promote my own business. I've deployed MailWizz on an AzureVM and configured 10...