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  1. twisted1919

    We're thinking to remove the Queue Tables feature

    Hello, When we introduced queue tables in the past, it was because we wanted faster sending when calling the send-campaigns command, and the queue tables feature, offered that. While it offered a slower start because it had to populate the data in the queue table, once that was done, the...
  2. twisted1919

    Download MailWizz from website

    Hello, In order to avoid support ticket requests for MailWizz downloads, we created a new area in our website so that you can easily download latest version from 1.x branch or 2.x branch. The process itself is very easy, once you go to the download page, you will need to provide your license...
  3. twisted1919

    MailWizz 2.0 is here!

    Hello everyone, Today we released MailWizz 2.0.11, which is the first public release for MailWizz 2.0 (2.x branch). Please read this release announcement in order to understand what to expect now and what to expect next. If you decide to try MailWizz 2.x the only thing to keep in mind is when...
  4. twisted1919

    Today's API downtime

    Hello, Today, our servers provider, DigitalOcean, had a hardware failure which affected our main database server that is used by our API. This affects a few operations, like license validations, license reset and more. When we were notified about the issue, we restored most recent backup to...
  5. twisted1919

    We removed all email checking extensions from Envato, but don't panic!

    Hello, We had a number of extensions that were doing email verification( KickBox / ZeroBounce / BulkMailChecker, etc ) while new emails were added to the system. For a while now, we decided that instead of having all these separate extensions, it would be better to only have a single extension...
  6. twisted1919

    MailWizz 1.9.28 and the Backup Manager extension

    Hello, We released MailWizz 1.9.28 and also a new version of the Backup Manager,. There is a problem for people sending emails with Amazon SES and using the Backup Manager, basically MailWizz looks for PHP classes in the Backup Manager, instead of looking in it's own vendor folder. In order...
  7. twisted1919

    Low score in SpamAssassin? This might help!

    Please see
  8. twisted1919

    Tracking issues in 1.9.24, upgrade to 1.9.25.

    Hello, Seems that in our rush to get things done and exclude robots and ip ranges from tracking for opens and clicks, we were too restrictive and now in some cases, opens/clicks will not be tracked in 1.9.24. We now released 1.9.25 which basically removes this feature from the app and...
  9. twisted1919

    PHP8 and MailWizz 1.x

    Hello, Since PHP 8 is relatively new, and not many of the libraries we're using managed to offer support for it, it means that our support for PHP 8 is limited at this point. Today we will be releasing a new version which addresses compatibility issues with PHP8, and hopefully, that will make...
  10. twisted1919

    50% Discount for MailWizz - Cyber Monday - Black Friday Special - 2020

    Hello, We've been included by Envato in their "Cyber Monday - Black Friday Special" event which takes place from today till December 2nd. During this time, you can get MailWizz at half of it's price, so in case you're looking for a new license, extend support, etc, this is a good chance to...
  11. twisted1919

    Accidentally included the "tools" folder in version 1.9.15

    Hello, When we packed version 1.9.15, accidentally, we included one of the folders that help us throughout the application development. This folder is called tools, and it's on the same level with the "apps" folder: You can safely remove it from your instances, you do not need it. It's...
  12. twisted1919

    [Release] MailWizz v1.9.13

    Hello, We're happy to announce the availability of MailWizz v1.9.13, which addresses performance issues as described in our previous post. Beside the above, here's also a overview of the most important changes: --- ------------------------------------------- --- Version 1.9.13 - 2020-09-16...
  13. twisted1919

    Upcoming improvements to delivery speed and domain policies.

    Hello, This is a quick post to let you know about the upcoming changes from 1.9.13 version which improve the delivery speed but also fix the domain policies once and for all. Speaking about delivery speed, with pcntl, the improvements we added to send-campaigns command allowed us to send up to...
  14. twisted1919

    Forum changes

    Hello everyone, This particular weekend we worked to upgrade our Xenforo forum from version 1.x to 2.x. This involved upgrading a few addons, upgrading the forum itself, migrating on a new server, and finally writing all our Xenforo modifications as addons. We also took the opportunity to style...
  15. twisted1919

    We have a new website!

    Hello everyone, I want to let you know that starting today we have a brand new website, you can see it at We started working on the new site somewhere at the end of January 2020, with the sole purpose of having a fast site which properly shows how MailWizz can help...
  16. twisted1919

    Please help us with a testimonial

    Hello everyone, As you might already know, we're hard at work for multiple areas related to MailWizz and now we'd like to ask you to take 5 minutes of your precious time and leave a testimonial for us at --- not available anymore --- We will select around 5 or 10 of these testimonials and we...
  17. twisted1919

    What is your opinion about MailWizz offering a global blacklist service?

    Hello everyone, A while back one of the forum members reached out with an interesting idea related to better handling bad emails in MailWizz. In big lines, the idea is that since we have lots of active MailWizz installs, the owners of these installs could opt-in to send their blacklist info to...
  18. twisted1919

    Cyber Monday 2019 - 50% discount

    Mailwizz is part of Envato's Cyber Monday event. You get 50% discount for it this week.
  19. twisted1919

    MailWizz - 1.8.5

    Hello everyone, Today we're pleased to announce the availability of MailWizz 1.8.5 which is a small release with a few crucial fixes and updates. You can download it from codecanyon as usual. Since 1.8.4 was never released to public, just to our internal testing team, here's the changelog for...
  20. twisted1919

    MailWizz Python SDK

    Hello everyone, We are pleased to announce the availability of our Python SDK for MailWizz. You can find the github repository at and install the package via pip as shown at Special thanks to...