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    Is it possible to migrate over campaigns from one account to another?

    We merged 2 separate user accounts and the user is wondering if we are able to move across the campaigns from the old account to the new one? Thanks
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    Unsubscribe page just reloads - no message to user

    We have an unsubscribe page with double opt-out which works fine in as much as the email is received with the link – all good. What happens when the person clicks unsubscribe can be totally confusing though as the page just reloads with no message to say something like “Check your email for an...
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    Subscriber exists - all fields populated with just email address

    We have an existing Subscribe form where if a member inputs their email address and if they already exist they are redirected to a page that populates all the other fields for that member (e.g. First/Last, Member number, subscribed segments etc.). The user can then update the details as required...
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    Are conditional fields possible in custom subscribe forms?

    So we have a situation where we want to ask people if they want a publication by email or posted to them (physical copy). I can add the Post/Email checkboxes but is it possible to add a conditional field so if they pick "Post" then it shows an address field for them to complete?
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    Unable to upload PDF in File manager

    I'm trying to link to a PDF uploaded via the file manager and I get the error: Unable to upload "This is a test document.pdf". File type not allowed. (application/pdf) It is in the list in the backend Settings/Campaigns/Attachments
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    Lock password for customer

    Is it possible to disable the ability for a customer to change their password?
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    pointer-events:none added to web version of campaign

    I have noticed that in Chrome and Firefox, a "pointer-events:none;" is being added to the online version of a campaign. Outlook and mobile versions of email clients are fine, however, Webmail exhibits the same issue. Any ideas? <td draggable="true" id="exist-template-text-1560202667720"...
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    Bulleted and numbered lists

    I just noticed that there is no option to add a bulleted or numbered list in the text editor... or am I missing something obvious?
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    Look up user by email

    We want to have a "preference centre" on a website, so instead of the user clicking the link in the received email to update their subscriptions (list with segments), they can input their email in a web page and it looks up their email address, cross references it with the user ID and returns...
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    Instagram logo in social icons

    There seems to be no Instagram logo in teh social icons?
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    Changes made when toggling between template builders

    If I toggle to the template builder to where I can view the source and edit the surrounding td etc, if I save changes in that view and then come out and go back in again, my changes are not saved.
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    Error in URL for Update Preferences

    When including the Update preferences shortcode in an email template [UPDATE_PROFILE_URL], the URL is missing the colon between the https and the / : https// I'm assuming this needs to updated in the source?
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    Add more rows to email template

    I am trying to add more than the default 3 rows to a template, however I cannot see a way to do that int eh drag & drop builder and if I try and edit using the source (toggle template builder) the changes are not saved back to the drag & drop interface. How can I add more rows (they need to...