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    Custom SQL Query

    Hi guys I am logged into phpmyadmin and want to execute a query where campaign track open table subscriber ID should match with the main mw_list_subscriber and should download all the subscribers who have opened any campaign... What could be the query?? correct me here Select *...
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    Campaign Overview Links Browser Issues

    Hello When I am checking stats in the campaign overview page and trying to click the unsubscribe or bounce overview, mozilla shows javascript as link whereas chrome opens a link in another tab
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    List of Delivery Servers

    Hello All Was wonderigng if you guys have a list of delivery servers we can use...( Free + Paid both)...was using sendingrid and mandrill but both have some problems....
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    Noob Questions ( Important for the board)

    Servers setup fine, Lists Importing fine campaigns running fine, but the queries still remain a) Delivery Error - Emails are getting delivered however their are some emails which are in the delivery error zone and while checking the details it just shows - Temporary Error or Error ( Can we...
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    CDbException CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection.

    Getting this error for both Admin and the Customers and can't seem to login to check error logs Other applications with mysql connectivity are working fine so no problems with MYSQL being down and error logs shows nothing on cpanel