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  1. Gerard Michel Vollet

    "Column name must be either a string or an array" error.

    Hello, I had Mailwizz migrated from an old VPS server to another one on Cloudways. The application's back office is working normally, but not the customer one. There is an error when clicking on the "Impersonate customer" button. And also. when trying to access the customer login page: >>...
  2. Gerard Michel Vollet

    Changing Home page on root domain.

    Hello, When people go to my root domain they either see the login page, which has a "register" button or the Home Page offering to sign-up for free, depending on how I set it up in the back-office. I just do not want anyone to register, so how can I change this Home Page or redirect the root...
  3. Gerard Michel Vollet

    Issue saving email template

    Hello, I just logged in the software to prepare a new newsletter and I get this error. I haven't done any update to the Mailwizz and I don't know if it is a problem with Mailwizz or the server it is on. How can I troubleshoot that? I see I have an update ready on my dashboard: Version...
  4. Gerard Michel Vollet

    Auto plain text not working since upgraded to version 1.7.2

    That's the first email I send since I upgraded to version 1.7.2 and the auto plain text, which has always been set to YES, is not working. Just 4 lines are generated from the HTML. Thank you for your help.
  5. Gerard Michel Vollet

    Wrong number of subscribers in list.

    Wrong number of subscribers in list. Before sending the campaign it was 7K in the list, now it is 19! How to fix this?
  6. Gerard Michel Vollet

    Signed-by doesn't show up.

    I don't know why, but the "Signed-by" does not show for one of my delivery server, while it is showing for the main system delivery server. It looks like the settings for both delivery servers are the same. Also DKIM seems to be alright. What's the solution?
  7. Gerard Michel Vollet

    I tried Pepipost and it's the worst!

    I was looking at using a new mail server to send my newsletter and try to improve my delivery. I was tempted by Pepipost because their basic package is only $15, their interface looks good and it is easy to set up, and also you get 30,000 free emails, limited to 1,000 per day as free trial. I...
  8. Gerard Michel Vollet

    Can't confirm server!

    I noticed that the server I intended to use is Inactive. I believe it was active when I sent my newsletter yesterday. I tried to confirm it again and as I receive the email, there is a link that directs to the tracking domain like this...
  9. Gerard Michel Vollet

    What does that mean: LOCALHOSTRELAY Alert

    After sending my first newsletter, I got these warning emails from the server and I don't know what this mean, if I should worry about it or not. is a salvage title bad I sent 7,646 emails, a thousand email per hour and it has just finished. It looks like it went well with only 16 bounces.
  10. Gerard Michel Vollet

    How to Export subscribers from lists

    Now that I have upgraded, I do not find this option anymore. Thank you.
  11. Gerard Michel Vollet

    Update to newest version not successful!

    Hello, After a long time not using Mailwizz I decided to restart some campaigns and the first one I attempted got stuck at the pending-sending stage. Seeing that I was behind a lot of the updates, I decided to update the app hoping this was going to be a walk in the park. Now I have an error...
  12. Gerard Michel Vollet

    How to go From Mandrill to Amazon SES

    I have Mandrill and Amazon SES set up and I have been using both. Now that Mandrill is cutting the service, I have to switch all my auto-responder messages to Amazon SES. How can I do that easily without having to go into the 168 auto-responder messages, unchecking Mandrill and checking Amazon...
  13. Gerard Michel Vollet

    Email error

    I have someone who tried to register with an email like this: and it is rejected. Is there some kind of list to block or allow domains? Thanks
  14. Gerard Michel Vollet

    Abuse complaint duplicate

    When I check my unsubscribers for a particular campaign on the detailed page, I got 1 record for unsubscribes and 2 identical records when it is an abuse complaint. I also don't have IP & user agents showing for these. It doesn't matter if I use Mandrill or Amazone SE, it is the same. There...
  15. Gerard Michel Vollet

    Blacklisted emails

    Is it better to keep the blacklisted emails in the admin area or delete them?
  16. Gerard Michel Vollet

    Campaign quota?

    If I assign 10 campaigns to a client, are they 10 active campaigns or does that also count already sent campaigns?
  17. Gerard Michel Vollet

    New customers

    How can I create New customers with a sample list and campaign?
  18. Gerard Michel Vollet

    Merging Lists

    I have a list with 31 auto-responder campaigns attached to it. The first message is sent 5 min after subscribing and the Follow-up 1 message 1 day after, and then everyday for a month. I have a second list with only the first message that is sent 5 min after subscribing. I want to attach this...
  19. Gerard Michel Vollet

    I feel Good!

    Today, I feel really good because I just cancelled my account with my Email service provider and will save $$ per months. Moving 139 campaigns and subscribers to MailWizz took a long time, a full month in fact, but that is really worth it.
  20. Gerard Michel Vollet

    MailWizz (MW) and WordPress (WP)

    How can I send users of my WordPress blog at registration to a MW list?