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    Spamcop Blocks Problem

    I send you PM.
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    How to test SPAM FBL with Google?

    Hi, As far as I know, google don't send you directly FBL spam report. I mean you can't clarify which one click spam ( you just able check campaigns repution via google postmaster)
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    Need a Developer to customize Mailwizz

    contact me on skype: majid1f
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    Drag & Drop Email Builder For Mailwizz base on unlayerd

    Unfortunately, our server had a problem today. (See our uptime here: We can customize it, and change to your favorite. But I didn't get commple . if possible, explain it with a video or screenshot. PM me on skype : majid1f
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    Drag & Drop Email Builder For Mailwizz base on unlayerd

    Hi, The problem was from the confirmation PayPal page ... I sent you via email.
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    URL in custom field not converted to tracking domain

    Hi, when you want add link , choose "other" protocol.
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    custom price plans

    Check this topic
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    smtp server does not show without https.

    Check here:
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    Is it possible to Add more "Sources" info in "All Subscribers filter" Search?

    You can do this with some tools like:
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    Tracking link + email "web version"

    Did you change Url tracking in "Campaign options" setting?
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    Where is registration Page for new customer ????

    In backend part of mail, go to> settings > customers > registration and Enabled it
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    White Labeling?

    I think you can handle it with tracking domain , and if you have limit customers. you can separate delivery servers and assign tracking domain to them. and change "System urls" that use tracking domain instead of defult domain.
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    cURL error 6: Could not resolve host:

    this error means the server can't connect to your smtp host, maybe SMTP host is down.
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    Favicon Not Changing

    Hi as @Vpul Shah you can clear cache manually or if you have ssh (console) access, you can run php apps/console/console.php clear-cache --verbose=1 inside the mailwizz root path, and you must know where is the php executable path to run this cmd.
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    cryptocurrencies gateway (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether) for mailwizz

    Hi guys, I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas and I hope you are well these days. As you know, we are in happy bitcoin and cryptocurrency days (and wish you had it before this astonishing increase) also we are in the digital ages and cryptocurrencies are the trend. it's...
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    Mailwizz +Affiliate Network

    can you mention other apps?
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    Message per day

    You don't have limition, but you should consider some aspect: Send milions of email, need hardware source in mailwizz and powermta. You can't send lots of emails before warmup domains and IPs.
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    Mailwizz Expert Needed

    Hi, pm me on Skype: majid1f
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    Mailwizz App settings help with SendGrid Servers> Delivery servers> Create new server > Sendgrid API