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    [ANSWERED] Daily List growth reporting?

    Hi im just wondering under list overview, Would it be possible to see the list growth by days instead of a chart? for example like this ALSO the chart would it be possible to change the default 7 days reporting? Thanks
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    how do I bulk upload broadcast or autoresponder campaigns?

    Hi folks! I read sometime back there is a way to bulk upload campaigns via CSV file or other methods? Can someone point me to an article where I can read more about this? THANKS!
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    [ANSWERED ]Can't sent email because sending email domain is listed on

    So today i noticed one my server stop sending emails because its listed on And mailwizz is blocking my sending how do i Still enable it despite beung listed in Spamhaus? And is this a good idea? Email statuses shows "give up" in my campaign logs Thanks
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    Is it possible to Add more "Sources" info in "All Subscribers filter" Search?

    So im under the all subscriber Section "filter" and I See sources with 3 items "1.API,2.Import,3.Web" I'm guessing these are the default values. My question is 1) Is it possible to add more "Sources" for example "Facebook" and if that's possible how do I add these in my webform? If that's not...
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    [ANSWERED] Will enabling "Clean URLS" break my current running campaigns?

    HI again I'm trying to setup API with another platform and the support guys are telling me to enable "CLEAN URLS" on the backend of mailwizz currently I have this set up 2 questions 1) Will enabling Clean Urls break my current running campaigns? I can see that the Unsubscribe link has...
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    Spam rate on Google Postmaster tools not the same with Complaints?

    Hi Folks! I appreciate if anyone can shed some light here. So on google postmaster tools(GPT) im getting some User report Spam rate stats but on mailwizz I always see ZERO complaints, been mailing for the past 2 months and no complaints stats shown on mailwizz backend for the past 2 months but...
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    [ANSWERED] Is there A Way to Automatically copy subscribers from List1 to List2 that opens ANY campaigns sent to List1?

    HI folks Is there a way to automatically copy subscribers from List1 to List2 that opens ANY campaigns sent to List1 at LIST level? I know that when creating campaigns we have the option to set "Actions against subscriber who open campaign" where we could set rule to "copied" any subscriber...
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    [ANSWERED] How to check if the unsubscribes via Unsubscribe URL or Unsubscribe via Gmail header?

    Hello folks! Is it possible to check or differentiate the unsubscribes that are via the Unsubscribe URL(bottom of email) or Unsubscribe via Gmail header? Also are Unsubscribes via Gmail header reporting at campaign level? Thanks as always!
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    [SOLVED] Bounce processing not working, how do I troubleshoot?

    Hi folks! I hope someone can help me with this. When i opted in to my list with a dummy fake email, mailwizz still shows it as "Unconfirmed: when it should be "blacklisted" if it's a bounced gmail email if i understand it correctly. I am receiving the Bounced email notification in my email...
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    [ANSWERED]How to enable subscribers who have been moved from one list1 to list2 Via automation rule, the ability Re-subscribe to list1 in the future?

    OK let me explain what I'm trying to achieve. So I have 2 List List 1 - Double Optin list List 2 - Main list I’ve created AN autoresponder email to be sent after they confirm optin with rule “Move” Subscriber to my “main list” . How do i enable in the future if the subscriber that has...
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    Tracking subscribers with Multiple traffic Sources?

    I’m building my subscriber list with multiple sources that goes to the same list Via webform. How/where do i add the “source” so that it’s assigned to my subscriber’s profile? Also I have Mailwizz form embedded on my page. And Im using the same page for multiple sources. Is there a way to...
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    [SOLVED]Is there a way to Disable "Subscription confirmed approval" email?

    HI I'm using double opt in and i would like to disable the Subscription confirmed approval email. (The editable default template) Because I have already set up a welcome email "autoresponder Series" to be sent out after they confirm. Just checking if there is a way to disable it Thanks!
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    [SOLVED] How to change/set default pre-filled values when creating campaigns ?

    Hi I'm sure there there is a way we change/set default pre-filled values when creating campaigns? Currently my default from and reply to email during campaign creation is set to my but I would like it to be set to my custom domain email. Is there a way to set this...
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    [SOLVED] Relay Access Denied for gmail and other domains outside my own.

    Hello I need help or advice - can't seem to send emails to recipients outside my domain via Mailwizz When trying to add the delivery server, in the backed if i send it to, the emails goes through but when I send it to gmail or emails outside my domain i get this. Here is the...
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    [SOLVED]How do I remove - [COMPANY_FULL_ADDRESS] as a required tag when writing emails?

    HI im running a second installation of Mailwizz How do i remove - [COMPANY_FULL_ADDRESS] as a required tag when writing emails. I already have the company address in all email body so i don't need this as a required tag. Thanks and Happy new year!
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    [SOLVED]How to Redirect user who already subscribed to my list to another page if he/she opts in again?

    HI i'm wondering how this is done via the page builder Mailwizz optin? Can't seem to figure it out. For example, sometimes I get the same subscriber subscribing twice to my list for whatever reason but if Subscriber is already on the list when he opts in, he will see this page on Mailwizz I...
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    Redirect gmail only emails to Landing Page 1 and NON gmail emails to landing page 2 after optin?

    HI everyone. I would like to have a Mailwizz optin form that redirects gmail only emails to Landing Page 1 and NON gmail emails to landing page 2 after optin? Is this possible? If how do i go about doing this? ALSO while we are here is it possible to integrate multiple optin forms with...
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    [SOLVED]Opening and click stats not reporting in campaign Mailwizz version -1.9.15

    Hi I'm running Mailwizz version -1.9.15 I tried sending broadcast to 20 email recipients ( 2 emails is my own which i use to test) when I open the emails it still shows no open or click rates However my previous campaigns reporting seems to be ok just lately some of my campaigns always show...