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  1. Vpul Shah

    Links randomly down!! Error 503!

    Hi Backend working or not.
  2. Vpul Shah

    Im a guest and im supposed to be an admin

    Hello Zarsky, You said when you started the app it was NULLED - are you using correct license key ?
  3. Vpul Shah

    Quick Question re: Amazon SES API bounces/complaints setup

    You can test now, it should work.
  4. Vpul Shah

    Restored MYSQL After that Mailwiz showing Update Option

    Sure. You can Whats App me on - +91 9328259578
  5. Vpul Shah

    Restored MYSQL After that Mailwiz showing Update Option

    Have you changed server IP ?
  6. Vpul Shah

    [CLOSED] SES Bounce & Complaints not recording in MailWizz

    Hello, Have you verify any Email id of your domain in SES ? If not then do it first. Have you give permission to SES user ?
  7. Vpul Shah

    List/Segment Exclude

    There is no such feature. You can customize it.
  8. Vpul Shah

    Regarding hosting switch for Mailwizz

    You can reset license key and use it on new VPS. No need to delete first.
  9. Vpul Shah

    List/Segment Exclude

    Hello Sandeep, If you want this way then in your CSV file you can add one more field with some value to 1-1000, 1001-2000 like that. And then you can segment it and select when you run a campaign. So each day you can run new segment with unique subscribers. Thanks.
  10. Vpul Shah

    Regarding hosting switch for Mailwizz

    Ofcourse. If you have not used then better to setup a fresh on VPS. Before you setup on new VPS, make sure you reset your License key on Mailwizz site. Thanks.
  11. Vpul Shah

    Advanced mailwizz customisation

    PM you.
  12. Vpul Shah

    Regarding hosting switch for Mailwizz

    Hi, You can move your shared hosting Mailwizz folder and Database to new VPS and import it. Then after you can remove it from shared hosting. Thanks.
  13. Vpul Shah

    Regarding Cron Job

    Hello, You can simply take your current shared hosting backup and move it with VPS and use same files and DB there. Don't forget to setup Cron in new VPS. Thanks.
  14. Vpul Shah

    smtp server does not show without https.

    Try to remove Cache from Backend and Customer folder.
  15. Vpul Shah

    It Takes 10 Hours To Mail 300K OUT!

    Hi According to your 8GB RAM VPS, this speed looks good. You can reduce number of subscribers and send at once. Also why you set Pause for 2 second when you want more speed ? Thanks.
  16. Vpul Shah

    can i send mails per minute in Mailwizz.

    You can set your per minute number with subscriber batch also with Laurentiu suggest above.
  17. Vpul Shah

    Confirmation email not getting resent when unsubscribed user opts back in

    Can you check that subscriber is in Blacklist ?
  18. Vpul Shah

    Regarding Cron Job

    Cron notifications showing it means it up and running. If you use cpanel cron job - you can turn off cron notification email.
  19. Vpul Shah

    MailWizz and Contabo

    Hello Angeli, You want to setup on Contabo VPS ? Thanks.