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    Mailwizz 1.9.25

    Hi, I have multiple users in system I can login all except old one which I created. Can anyone please suggest. It's urgent However I can login backend account from Backend as well not able to move that account. Thanks, Ashish
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    Sending failed with: Connection to x.x.x.x Timed Out

    Hi Team, I have PowerMTA in destination server with high configuration, which is never used that much. I facing a big problem and it's killing delivery speed. [2021-02-20 06:47:22] - Sending failed with: Connection to x.x.x.x Timed Out Log data: !! Connection to x.x.x.x Timed Out (code: 0)...
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    Unknown error while opening the connection! For Bounce server

    Hi, I want to setup new bounce server but getting error, Unknown error while opening the connection! While I checked both server, Mailwizz and bounce, have same Php 7.3.26. Not sure what exactly problem. Can you please help?
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    Finding campaign max subscribers count and adjusting quota left

    Hey, Facing a problem on slow sending, while debug cron I can see campaign takes too much time for, Finding campaign max subscribers count and adjusting quota left. Anyone have idea how to solve this. Thanks, Ashish
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    Suppression import option with Notepad and without Header

    Hi Team, Do we have any option to import suppression file as txt and without Email header. Thanks, Ashish
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    Seeking MW expert to optimization

    Hi, I need someone who can help me to improve Mailwizz performance, we have high configuration server but still mails are going slow from Mailwizz Application. Currently we are sending 1000 campaigns with total 8M volume in 12 hours. Now we need someone who can help to make it fast with 2000...
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    Anyone using,

    Hi, Anyone using services of ? Can you please help me to see their accuracy for Yahoo Disabled account. Prompt response will be highly appreciated, It's urgent. Thanks, Ashish
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    Error: "421 4.7.0 [TSS04] Messages from x.x.x.x temporarily deferred due to user complaints

    Hi, Is there anyone have solution for above problem. We are regular yahoo sender and have huge database size, But stuck with Yahoo TSS04 temporary deferred problem. Checked all authentications are good, IPs are not blacklisted and content is also good. Contacted Yahoo they simple said follow...
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    Best Dedicated IP providers for Email

    Hi, Can anyone suggest who is best dedicated IP provider for Emails. Thanks in advance! -- Ashish
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    In boxing issue

    Hi, Since mid of November I am facing inboxing issue specially in Yahoo. IPs reputations are good volume is high and consistence. Anyone faced such issue or do you have solution for that. Please help. Thanks, Ashish
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    Version 1.8.9 Delivery servers removal

    Hi, I am about to upgrade, but before what to know what does mean by [ENH] - Delivery servers are now removed in background What will be impact on Delivery server. Thanks, Ashish
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    Campaign stuck in sending and processing status

    Hi, Since last 2 days I noticed my campaigns stuck in sending and processing status. can anyone please help. While I run cron manual it's going but not self. I checked send-campaign cron runs in each minute but still not able to pickup campaigns those are in sending and Processing status. I...
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    How to block proxy sites

    Hi, Can anyone help me please to block all proxy sites to get unusual traffic. Thanks, Ashish
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    How to stop bot clicks on email links

    Hi, we are getting bot clicks on our campaigns. Anyone faced this issue before? How do we secure it. Also can someone suggest how may i block those IP address in Mailwizz. Thanks, Ashish
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    How increase speed for email/minute

    Hi, I am using mailwizz since last 2 years but now I am facing slow delivery speed. I have 1 customer account only with 55 Delivery server and want to send 5M emails in just 4-5 hours. I don't want to rotate delivery server as I developed reputation for my IP and domains. Usually it takes more...