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    PowerMTA PMTA Gmail Inbox SMTP Postfix Postal DNS Support Setup Installation Optimize Maintenance

    After trying out different people on and off this forum, @Osjtya turned out to be the guy we were looking for ! His strategic as well as technical know-how definitely helped us to take our business to next level. Nothing more to say, he's an one stop solution :)
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    Mailwizz 1.4.1

    @twisted1919 just upgraded and v1.4.1 looks amazing. Great job:). Really liked the graphs as well. Just wanted to point out something - You see - 1) 24 Hrs clock on the first graph has AM/PM notations. Would be great if you could just remove the AM/PM stuff ;) 2) The horizontally written...
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    Any business development executives/managers here ?

    We're looking for business development executives/managers who can generate leads for our email marketing business (of course using MWZ :)). We are looking to work in a profit sharing model. If anyone is interested, please PM me. Thanks.
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    Activity map does not show any data

    Means, when you mention me somewhere in the comments like @frm.mwz , I should receive an email + that red flag on top right corner of forum, right ? that didn't happen ;)
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    Activity map does not show any data

    Hmm.. Didn't receive the tagging notification. Anyway, I couldn't have helped :P Great find @frm.mwz
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    Sendgrid Deliverability Issues

    Ah, got it, this was my Zoho account.
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    Sendgrid Deliverability Issues

    Hmm.. EE, I think they're compromising the "cheapness" on support. I don't know about Sparkpost, haven't tried yet. Actually I wasn't complaining about their deliverability or anything :). Just noticed forum emails are going to my SPAM. Having two "return-path" in an email header doesn't look...
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    amazon ses error

    Are you behind a firewall ? looks like your MW host server is blocking connections to , port 25. If you have shell access on the host, issue "telnet 25" to verify if the server can connect to SES server. You can check with...
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    Sendgrid Deliverability Issues

    Elastic Email is cheap, but, I would say don't go for the shared one. I don't know how the dedicated IP option performs. I had a shared plan with them and all my customer emails to Microsoft domains like hotmail, outlook etc got blocked. I complained about it a few times and they told they put...
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    Question to mailers. Sending to TLD vs GI

    That's ok buddy, thanks for sharing your knowledge, I just wanted to express my views as well ! :)
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    Question to mailers. Sending to TLD vs GI

    This is not something that I think, but it's a FACT ! :) Almost all the medium and large companies out there, who are concerned about information and network security makes very serious effort to fight spam. You know why ? Email can be the most vulnerable network component that's exposed to the...
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    Mailwizz 1.3.9.x - feeling brave to test the beta release?

    I have gone far from a testing environment, or else I could have tested this version :(. I have a suggestion here. Is it possible to do SPF/DKIM validation checks against sending domains on a regular basis and deactivate them if checks failed ? Just checking the existence of an SPF entry will...
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    Delivery server's "From" vs customer panel's "from" email question.

    Go to Backend > Delivery Servers > Click update any DS. You will see an option like below - if set "Always", all the emails going through that server will have the associated From Email. Hope that helps !
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    Example extensions for extension developemnt

    Perfect, let me try that. Thank you !