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    Admin > settings > common > support url - Support menu no longer wants to disable

    @laurentiu - Please check this and report back on slack @Ludovic - Thank you, we'll get this fixed.
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    Subscribers Email Through API

    This isn't something we can help with, you should hire a developer to help you with your custom work.
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    Change logs

    You can always download latest version of the app and check it's CHANGELOG file.
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    Segment API

    Currently we have no plans to enhance the api for segments.
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    Confirmed user actions after click-through

    One word, API. You'll need to hire a developer and get it going.
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    Bug in version 2.1.13

    This is expected, the application should only be accessed via the main url. It is an enhancement we added in latest version to prevent a few possible problems.
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    Bug going to customers in backend

    if you take a look in the database, in the mw_customer table, do you see the "parent_id" column? if you do, then it means most likely the cache didn't flush during the upgrade, so try to clear the cache and see if that helps. If you don't see...
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    MW 2.X high-level performance

    Yeah, this is something we're thinking about right now, we're weighting the pros and cons and see what we can do.
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    temp table for regular campaign only (yes!)

    Sure, let's discuss it there.
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    temp table for regular campaign only (yes!)

    This needs a correction, sorry. They do work for autoresponders as well, but only if the autoresponders don't have segments.
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    temp table for regular campaign only (yes!)

    @eggerda - temp table sonly work for regular campaigns anyway, this changed a few versions ago, before 2.x release I believe. Anyway, temp tables will come with their own problems... my advice is to find out what is causing the problems here and now, don't enable queue tables in the hope they...
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    Unsubscribe button

    ;) Work on building a better sender reputation and it will show.
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    Bounce aren't processed

    You can leave it as is, the next update will overwrite it anyway ;)
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    Unsubscribe button

    MailWizz does it automatically, your emails have this header.
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    Bounce aren't processed

    Simplest fix is to open /apps/common/models/BounceServer.php and at line 756 you have: $mutexKey = sha1('imappop3box' . serialize($this->getAttributes(['hostname', 'username', 'password']))); Make it: $mutexKey = sha1('imappop3box_v1' . serialize($this->getAttributes(['hostname', 'username'...