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    avang extensions and codes for mailwizz

    @masjid1f thanks for this really hard work.
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    Metronic theme for MW

    @cong a good guy that is always busy but once he is free to chat you will have a nice time with him.
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    Urgent! fix tracking domain issue

    I have done everything to make tracking domain work with mailwizz but it all failed. Am in need of someone use with mailwizz to make it work. Mailwizz server is from digital ocean and domain is on cloudflare. I need it to be done urgent.
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    mailwizz domain tracking not working with cloudflare being on this since friday

    Why is it soo difficult with mailwizz setting up an easy thing as tracking domain with cloudflare. I have done all types of setup since friday and still couldn't get a tracking domain setup. Mailwizz is installed on a VPS with a a dedicated ip. Eveything i tried i get this error "Cannot find a...
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    Example extensions for extension developemnt

    am just commenting for future refference. Thanks for the code Admi
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    reset license not working

    i tried resetting my license using this link but it doesn't work. After inputting my license i get these out come " All done! If we found your license and it is valid, we reset it and you can now use it on a new server." but can't find my new license.
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    MailWizz expert Needed Asap

    Am new user of mailwizz and need an expert that will help me out in setting up mailwizz api for my customers and monitor bounces from our multiple PMTA delivering servers. Interested expert should send me a PM with there skype or telegram contact. Thanks
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    PowerMTA PMTA Gmail Inbox SMTP Postfix Postal DNS Support Setup Installation Optimize Maintenance

    sent you a PM send me your skype or add me as requested. Thanks