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    Customer theme style

    How to remove bootstrap, adminlte and fontawesome css style from customer theme without removing all styles? 'bootstrap.min.css' => false; not working
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    Campaign filter

    Hey, I'm reworking admin theme and trying to simplify everything. I want to filter campaign status in tree menu links : Sent, draft and outbox Outbox must filter these campaign types pending-sending, processing and sending. How to do this? Not working example...
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    Template problem

    Worked! Thanks. You are awesome
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    Template problem

    I copyed List_subscribersController.php from apps/customer/controllers and added to my theme controller folder Added this line in NameTheme.php // override default list subscriber controller Yii::app()->controllerMap['list'] = array( 'class' =>...
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    Drag and drop extension

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for drag and drop extension. Once twisted1916 was shared demo of drag and drop editor extension, but can't find this file. Maybe someone have extension file and can share with me :) I'm looking for learning purpose to integrate mosaico drag and drop editor.
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    Domain language

    If I use same ip two domians on same maillwizz app with one license will be ok?
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    Template problem

    Can you pull list subscribers table structure to view folder? apps/customer/controllers/List_subscribersController.php to customer/themes/my-template/views/list_subscribers/_list.php I cant edit or style this table without edditing system files :( Or maybe I can overridde...
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    Domain language

    License is not a problem. But as I can see in there is only ip address :( I dont want to use seperate mailwizz sites if i can use all in one :)
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    Domain language

    I want to change mailwizz default language by domain. if show english language if show german language :)
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    Domain language

    Hey I want to add second domain for my mailwizz app. (ex. and on top) But i need to change default mailwizz language. Is it possible?
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    field-builder on template

    Hey I'm creating frontend template and I don't want to edit system files. Can I copy and change field-builder in theme folder?
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    Cant add Mailgun delivery server

    Created Mailgun account, activated account and domain dns records. got api IP Address 209.XX.XXX.XX SMTP Hostname Default SMTP Login Default Password xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Manage SMTP credentials API Base URL API...
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    [theme] Changing views path

    Thank you. Working
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    [theme] Changing views path

    Have one more question how to change widget path? like: <?php $this->widget('customer.components.web.widgets.LeftSideNavigationWidget');?>