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    Spotzee Bulk SMTP Delivery Server Extension for MailWizz

    Hi guys We recently created a new delivery server type for the Spotzee Bulk SMTP server service. The extension is currently compatible with MailWizz v1 and v2 and costs $35. The extension allows you to add a new Spotzee MTA delivery server type within the MailWizz interface. Upload the plugin...
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    MBuilder - Premium Email Builder Extension For Mailwizz

    Unfortunately, the website doesn't seem to be working. We tried it when it was online and available and it worked well for a while. We now use the drag and drop builder natively supported by Cristian and his team. That works beautifully and no complaints! Here is the link to it for anyone...
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    Emails are not Delivered with SMTP Server

    In addition to what Vpul Shah already said, I would also check the SMTP server configured by sending a test email to services like which will give you an idea of the kind of email being outputted from your server and if everything is as it's supposed to be. Are you able to paste...
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    Download MailWizz from website

    This is very exciting! Just managed to download a fresh copy of Mailwizz 2.0 :D In case someone is wondering, the license key is described as "Item Purchase Code:" when you download the "text" file from CodeCanyon Envato Marketplace. Just copy that over to the download page above and you are...
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    Gmail IMAP Bounce Server - Unreachable

    I would do the following: 1. Check if the outgoing connections are being blocked by a firewall on your server 2. Try disabling "Validate SSL" 3. Silly but have you entered the password and tried? Same error still? Usually, if your IP or network of IPs from your hosting have been misbehaving...
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    Upcoming improvements to delivery speed and domain policies.

    We now provide Mailwizz dedicated consultancy and high-volume sender installations for customers - check it out at this site - - We can setup a fast high volume sending Mailwizz platform for you. We were...
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    Bounce Emails With Haraka

    Does anyone have an update on Haraka use with Mailwizz? @twisted1919
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    Seperate Delivery Servers for Engaging and Non-Engaging Customers

    I was wondering which one of the following scenarios would be the easiest to achieve through Mailwizz. Scenario #1 Writing an extension that uses Delivery Server #1 to be used for their first two sends. After their first two campaign sends, it uses Delivery Server #2 assigned to the customer...
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    hourly quota messing up ?

    Has this issue been addressed in the latest version @twisted1919
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    Increase Subscriber Batches

    Hi there, I currently have underutilization of server resources. I want to manually increase Subscriber batches in parallel to more than 50 batches. How do I do that? Maybe that will start hitting the DB more effectively since even the DB is sitting pretty much idle or at 30% CPU usage. The...
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    Pending approval

    Awesome!! When can we expect the next release now?
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    Pending approval

    Waiting for this feature :)
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    MySQL High CPU usage

    Hi there, I am seeing a lot of these queries. Although the select rate is 40 selects/sec, these queries seem to take in a lot of CPU. mysql> SHOW PROCESSLIST...
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    DKIM Issue - Mailwizz Settings

    If it is anywhere needed, you can also just replace the suggested DKIM signature with the one from elastic, which will then be found and approved. How exactly would I do that? They want all sending domains to have "api._domainkey.DOMAIN.COM". How do I paste the DKIM they provide so that...