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    I want to send approx 10m emails.

    Heard of Atomic Mail Verfier or has anyone heard of TrapHunter??
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    Custom SQL Query

    Thanks perfect..!
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    Custom SQL Query

    Hi guys I am logged into phpmyadmin and want to execute a query where campaign track open table subscriber ID should match with the main mw_list_subscriber and should download all the subscribers who have opened any campaign... What could be the query?? correct me here Select *...
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    I want to send approx 10m emails.

    Yes....Beware of using purchased list with free smtp providers..Better to ask your client or yourself to get those mails verified and an optin list is good to use..!
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    Wish you Happy New Year 2018

    Happy New Year Mailwizz members...!
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    Campaign Overview Links Browser Issues

    Got it..thanks ..!
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    Campaign Overview Links Browser Issues chrome logged in as customer....and mozilla...logged in admi cant access those links?/
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    how to block domain?

    Thanks...much needed
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    Campaign Overview Links Browser Issues

    Hello When I am checking stats in the campaign overview page and trying to click the unsubscribe or bounce overview, mozilla shows javascript as link whereas chrome opens a link in another tab
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    Bounces And Sendgrid

    Is this feature available where if bounce reachers a certail percentage, the campaign should be stopped or paused...??
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    Common Campaign Template Tags

    [UNSUBSCRIBE_REASON_FIELD] tag is there in the unsubscribe form backend but it doesn't show up in the frontend form..
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    List of Delivery Servers this.. thread should be closed.!
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    List of Delivery Servers

    Hello All Was wonderigng if you guys have a list of delivery servers we can use...( Free + Paid both)...was using sendingrid and mandrill but both have some problems....
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    about Import subscribers

    Again.. the hosts replies..there's no problem with the server... They were smart to ask me to create our own php.ini file and define the upload temp path which I did and the import works like charm :)
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    about Import subscribers

    Will see into this.. Btw.. the status bar on the browser shows 100% upload and after that the error 500 page appears with the message Missing the temporary folder to store the uploaded file Is there any particular path defined??