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    List Hygiene - It's Vital But Not Sure Mailwizz Can Handle It

    @Alex Read , @nadworks , @eggerda -- Just a quick note to say "thanks" for this thread. Got some great ideas which I utilized in my current campaign (have been away from MW for a while). Will throw in my "2 cents" once (if) I am able to provide any useful thoughts on this particular...
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    Any Mailwizz mentors and/or trainers out there? :)

    Cong, I am not interested in using your Vietnam Company Marketing Services. I just want mentoring/training on how to be better at Mailwizz. Thanks for the good chuckle when you tried to save face by attempting to "mentor" me and suddenly leaving the chat when I was trying to understand your...
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    Any Mailwizz mentors and/or trainers out there? :)

    Hello, I am relatively new to Mailwizz and already find it to be an amazing (and powerful) tool. While I am coming up to speed quickly by reading the forums, documentation, and watching videos, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could shorten my learning curve by training me on the...
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    [NEW] PowerGuide To Autoresponders & How To Set Them Up

    Great video Alex, I am new to MailWizz and look forward to trying out the features you mentioned. Thanks for speeding up my learning curve!