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    Customer area menu items

    @twisted1919 Is the solution still working today? I uploaded the extension, it seemed to do nothing. Thanks!
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    Amazon SES Question

    Darn, I got the same problem again. I can only send email with verified amazon email. It just does not want to force FORM address somehow even though the option is on? any ideas?
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    REQ VPS with multi IPS

    Pretty cool, what hosting do you use?
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    Custom Field Datetime Default Value

    @twisted1919 I figured. Maybe one day ;)?
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    Custom Field Datetime Default Value

    @Filipe Silva @twisted1919 Sorry for bumping the thread, but it was requested from me to also research how to segment people via Open rate, CTR, been subscriber X days. Any idea how to acheive all these things? Thanks
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    New Drag&Drop Editor for Mailwizz on Codecanyon

    Can say the same, quite great drag and drop editor and if there have been some bugs, reporting helps and they will iron them out. So far best for Mailwizz.
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    Url Import Feature

    Okay, it would be very powerful feature one day if it could import from google spreadsheets and export there as well. That means full marketing automation would be available using Zapier and I think the automation of things is where the marketing game is heading right now and will be basic in...
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    Url Import Feature

    @twisted1919 I am asking because importing/exporting to google spreadsheets means automation with Zapier! You can do a lot of amazing stuff and automation with Zapier, but it would help a lot if it goes straight to google spreadsheets. Google spreadsheets would allow automation straight from...
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    Custom Field Datetime Default Value

    Very great news! I just had this discussion today with a client! Amazing, I even wanted to make a topic about it, but seems it got already improved
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    Url Import Feature

    I just discovered yesterday that we have this feature. So many possibilities come to mind now automation wise. Does anybody use the url import feature for example with google spreadsheets? How is it performing? Mailwizz is becoming more and more powerful :)
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    Stats graph "24 hours performance" is showing date in UTC and not local hour of system

    Thank you very much Dan, For to all your Europeans out there, I got the time format to European format like this: xaxis: { mode: "time", timeformat: "%H:00", //24 hour time tickSize: [1, "hour"], //tick every hour timezone: "browser" //local timezone },
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    Custom Fields Template

    @twisted1919 Thanks, perfect! Tested and works well. :)
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    Custom Fields Template

    Hi there, I searched all forum, but failed to find anything about it. Is it possible to change the default custom fields customer gets. I would like to get rid of the First Name and Last Name custom fields/tags what will be automatically created with every new list. They are not necessary in...
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    Scheduled campaigns not working

    @twisted1919 Do you think that one day it is possible to just manually change that and it will work like that as well :)? People usually do what has the least friction. :) or that: @frm.mwz