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    List growth/shrink reporting

    Has there been any progress regarding this feature? The backstory: I'm working actively on data acquisition with my clients - activities with the aim to increase net growth. In order to show success, we'd need to see subscriber fluctuation and list growth vs. unsubscribes in a flexible way (bar...
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    Campaign Stuck at Sending

    Sadly not in this case. Had to send a copy of the campaign mopping up those who were missed. Not ideal.
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    Campaign Stuck at Sending

    Client's campaign is stuck and has been for days despite other campaigns since having gone out fine. Is there no other way to get in unstuck that SSH-ing into the server? We don't have that capacity. Cron history looks good, parallel sending looks fine, too.
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    Find all email addresses across lists who have opened any campaign twice or more

    I think that only works if you track opens and store that data in your list via a custom field. That's how I do it.
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    Sending campaign to multiple lists removed in mw v2.x?

    Thanks. I have been able to replicate your test on my own test account and it did indeed work in that instance. Sadly, however, not on the two real-life client lists where I needed it, which is odd and which I will have to investigate. I appreciate your effort. I have opened a ticket with a...
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    Sending campaign to multiple lists removed in mw v2.x?

    Of course, I see the difference in numbers because it simply shows the list total with the additional subscribers and minus the unsubscribe and hard bounces. That's not my point. I want to see who actually received the emails (how many, and who). Because my current suspicion is, that the send...
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    Sending campaign to multiple lists removed in mw v2.x?

    Sorry, confused. I just sent a campaign again under the same group after adding 22 new records to the list. and according to the stats, under the Sent column, it went to the entire list again? Where can I get a confirmation of how many recipients/records the campaign went to, please? I was...
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    Sending campaign to multiple lists removed in mw v2.x?

    Can I use it to re-send a campaign to the same list again but it will only go to new records which didn't receive the first campaign broadcast?
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    Current segmentation is too deep

    5 campaigns.
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    New List Subscriber email question

    Could be in the settings of that list ... and right below that:
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    Problem segmenting [EMPTY] values in date custom fields

    So my ongoing issue with [EMPTY] definitely not working in my segmentations (ticket #PVAVJ7T0) could be related to this??? Is there a solution that does not involve the above operation, which - I'm afraid - I'm not too comfortable tackling?
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    Current segmentation is too deep

    Same problem here. Small list (< 3,500 records), 4 simple conditions. Max. segment wait timeout is on 29 secs (was 30 secs, didn't work either, in fact it never even tried for that long. The error message comes within 5-ish seconds)
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    'Server Clicks' - what, why and how...

    We, at the DMA email council, have just discussed the rise of so-called Server Clicks and how they affect already challenging engagement data gathering from email campaigns. I thought this might be of value to share here. The most digestible summary is probably this one...
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    send to new (missed) subscribers only

    What's the best method for this: Campaign goes out to list. next day a new bunch of subscribers are being added. How do we send the campaign to just those new subscribers? There is an "opened/clicked XYZ Campaign" segmentation option (although we all know how inaccurate that is). But there's...
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    Send Groups explained

    Is there a resource that explains the "send group" feature? Apologies if I've missed something. Is it really as simple as... creating a group XYZ sending Campaign A to a defined list segment while choosing group XYZ sending Campaign B to that entire list (no segment) also choosing group XYZ...