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    subscriber count questions

    what about the account limit? if a client have a plan up to 5k subscribers, how they are count? bounce, unsubscribed, blacklisted, etc... will still count? for example if a cliente have a 5k plan, and he have 4k bounces, will have only 1k available to complete the plan limit?
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    Split Testing Plugin?

    any update about this A / B testing feature?
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    Drag and drop editor

    Hello. Thanks for your fast response. Are you planing to add a new drag and drop editor in a near future?, something like mail chimp or campaign monitor?
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    share reports only with clients

    You should add this option. Will be using the same information but will be shared with a client or someone from the same company that need better reports than just a csv file with the resume.
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    share reports only with clients

    hello, we need to share this report page with a client: http://domain/customer/index.php/campaigns/br275k3tz97d9/overview It is possible to share this page for a client be able to see in real time the report? but we need them to only access to this page, nothing else. maybe use this content...
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    link tracking is not working

    cool thanks
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    link tracking is not working

    please, we need to start sending campaigns tomorrow, and need this link tracking working for see the reports and also for preventing domain blacklisting, etc...
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    link tracking is not working

    a test mail with the button test mail
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    link tracking is not working

    hello, i pasted an HTML code from other mail template in the code view, then changed back to the normal view and everything seems to be fine, also i market to yes the link tracking, but when i send a test campaign, all links are without link tracking.
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    test mail?

    hello, Each time I want to test a mail need to send a campaign to special list. Is there a way to just add the test mail and click send button?
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    Share lists for same client group?

    hello. How I can share lists for all clients using the same group?