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    Once again... campaign not run

    Hi I was test a new installation in new server... the test works fine 4 days before. Now I test again and the campagn not run... don't know why. Is this an update issue ? Version 1.6.9 is now available for download. Please update your application! Why haven't a button to launche campagns...
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    Crons running but no campaign sent

    of course sir. Thanks a lot
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    Crons running but no campaign sent

    Oh wait ... I have this errors : process-delivery-and-bounce-log index Error 0.11 seconds 2 MB 7/11/18, 8:48 PM send-transactional-emails index Error 0.14 seconds 1.75 MB 7/11/18, 8:48 PM How to fix that please ? Maybe it is the problem ?
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    Crons running but no campaign sent

    Hello sir... I was change my server and take another one and I know the port 25 is open. But I have exactly the same problem misc > campaign delivery log ... totally empty Crons are in progress I see the cron log history... everything seems right but no campagn sent ... it still to 0% I...
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    Crons running but no campaign sent

    Thanks a lot sir... Cron Jobs seems working fine please see the screenshot ... No campaign sent ... I use as a server What can I do please ?
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    Crons running but no campaign sent

    Hello My fist campaing must be sent at : 6/16/18, 3:58 AM on my WHM... Current Time Sat Jun 16 13:41:43 EDT 2018 I'm completly lost ^^
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    Rotate From email

    Hey guys ... can someone advice me a Hoster with PMTA installed please ? Thanks
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    On local with MAMP PRO and Postfix

    Hi everyone I would like to know if it's possible to use and send emails from localhost using MAMP Pro and Postfix Thanks a lot