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    Setting up a warm-up schedule

    The only way to this is to use groups and set sending quota per day, and mailwizz will send only that numbers of emails, but to increase that quota day by day you need to do manually, at this point we don't have something like this to do it automatically
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    Campaigns not sending - crons not running?

    debug the send-campaigns command like explained here: Send the output here to see where is the issue.
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    can anyone help me i have bind 2 smpt of Amazon in mail Wizz account i have update all details but not getting validation email or is their any option

    did you also check the spam folder? if you check this please go in Backend > Misc > Application log and check if there you have some errors.
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    Un-pausing a recurring Regular Campaign sends emails from the "pause period." Can this be avoided?

    You can update campaign and select send date to be next Monday after Monday skipped. For example if you want to skip next Monday which is 13/10 after last sent update campaign and select sent at to be 17/10. You also find another example how recurring campaigns working here...
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    Python API, how to send draft campaign?

    This has been fixed and will be available in the next release, so to start sending an updated campaign is necessary to add: "status" : "pending-sending", // UPDATE CAMPAIGN $response = $endpoint->update('CAMPAIGN-UNIQUE-ID', [ 'name' => 'My API Campaign UPDATED', // optional at...
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    Customer sub-accounts

    You can do this from groups or from settings > customer > subaccounts then in customer area will appear a tab subaccounts where customer can manage his subaccounts. Customer can have subaccounts this is the only one relation. This can be set in backend area (settings > customer > subaccounts)...
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    Unable to write the configuration file!

    Please check this article: This error appears when main-custom.php file already exists, you need to delete this file( and try again.
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    Recuring campains

    You can set max campaigns to create or set some sending quota for that group.
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    Unsubscribe vs Disable subscriber and some translation issues

    No, you can't , all subscribers are counted doesn't matter status of subscriber.
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    Unsubscribe vs Disable subscriber and some translation issues

    In your list > subscribers select all desiderated subscribers and from dropdown select disable.
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    Sending campaign to multiple lists removed in mw v2.x?

    @twisted1919 - i tested this and it's working correctly. See bellow campaigns example: 1. First campaign sent only to 10 subscribers from my list. 2. I updated the same list with another 10 subscribers and I created anther campaign and this campaign sent only to new 10 subscribers: 3. I...
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    Campaigns seem to be sending out very slowly

    Please check this article: If you've already verified this, you can use to see where mailwizz spends more time sending emails.
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    Current segmentation is too deep

    Can you please open support ticket give access to your app to check this?
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    Problem segmenting [EMPTY] values in date custom fields

    Please check response in your ticket