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    Hook before a user is sent confirm subscription email?

    Question. Does this hook trigger ONLY when a subscriber is successfully saved? For example, let's say someone on the blacklist is trying to subscribe. Does this trigger as soon as they hit submit? What I'm trying to do is manually erase an email off the blacklist so that they can subscribe...
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    Force delete of cache or something?

    Is it possible to clear the cache specific to each campaign (i.e., right before the campaign begins)? Don't want to clear whole cache, as that would mess with emails already being sent out.
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    Hook before a user is sent confirm subscription email?

    Thank you. Two questions. Is it possible to get list information in the function as well, in addition to the subscriber? Also, is this triggered only when a user subscribers through a form or also when through API?
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    Force delete of cache or something?

    Is there just anyway to explicitly clear the cache once before the campaign actually starts sending?
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    Hook before a user is sent confirm subscription email?

    What is the code to write an extension where I can do something with an email address after a user submits a form to subscribe but before the email confirmation email is sent?
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    Force delete of cache or something?

    I use the XML tags to load links from an RSS feed. Often, MailWizz loads the RSS feed from the prior day -- not the current, most up-to-date one. What is going on? Is there some cache that needs to be cleared or something before each mail send? Here's an example. I had a campaign that was just...
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    Is the Delivered statistic accurate?

    The number of emails delivered statistic fluctuates widely from day-to-day for the exact same list. How is this possible? Is this statistic accurate?
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    The customer area at

    What is the changelog for these versions?
  9. L to lastest version upgrade

    As long as you made no custom changes to the database, you should be fine. If you did, you may want to review the SQL commands that each update makes to ensure it won't conflict. I had this issue in the past, learned my lesson.
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    Modifying temp queue tables size

    I see in latest MailWizz it says this: $limit = (int)Yii::app()->params['send.campaigns.command.tempQueueTables.copyAtOnce']; Does that mean we need to put this in main-custom.php: 'params' => array( 'send.campaigns.command.useTempQueueTables' => true...
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    What happens with soft bounces?

    Exactly, I saw that as well. However, I'm definitely seeing 'Internal' bounce being recorded for 'Spam' and 'BlackListed' in the bounce_log and I'm only using EE. So something is definitely up.
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    What happens with soft bounces?

    I've looked at my bounce_log and I'm seeing 'Spam' being marked as 'internal' bounce. However, I do not see BOUNCE_INTERNAL used anywhere for ElasticEmail (I see for other ESPs). Where is the setting you are referring to?
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    Question about deleting campaign delivery log

    I see this was added in v1.4.4: "Added ability to delete the campaign delivery logs and replce them with a static counter to improve performance" Where can I get more detail about what is happening here? How do I enable this feature and does it have any negative ramifications? What's a static...