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    Bounces suddenly stopped processing

    Before or maybe After debugging as sir @twisted1919 advised. Try and put "Parallel processing via PCNTL" to "No" and see if it works. I had same issue sometimes ago and the only solution was Putting Parallel processing via PCNTL to "No" Try same and let's know your result. Thanks
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    JOB - Setitng up tracking domains properly

    Hello, Yes I can do this. Skype: KOLLYDATON Thanks
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    VPS: server configuration

    Hello, I checked your url and I received this message " Not Found The requested URL /backend/guest/index was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request." Probably you are missing some settings. If...
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    VPS: server configuration

    Hi, you are welcome. I am glad the issue was resolved. And for the screen message, could you please drop a screen shot or probably let me have the url to your installation. Thanks
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    VPS: server configuration

    Hello, Kindly try the solution below and let's see if it would solve. === In WHM go to Software -> EasyApache4 -> Customize Profile (applies to your current installed settings/packages). Go to PHP Extensions, select All for Page size, then enable the packages containing ZIP for all the php...
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    VPS: server configuration

    Hello, I can offer you a lift, what kind of Panel do you use? WHM/Cpanel or Plesk or Just virtual marchine with no panel? Linux or what ? Skype: Kollydaton
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    New version (1.5.7) available - but where?

    Hello @nadworks , So many things has changed recently due to GDPR law, maybe you later didn't confirm Mailwizz consent that was generally sent to every customers of mailwizz or so... (Just my thinking though..) So, flowing forward to not able to update, you need to update your App License and...
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    PCNTL On, Sending Only Single-Threaded

    Hi, take a look at this thread see if it would fix your issue. Thanks
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    Potential bug with monitization

    Hi, Have you tried selecting "Wait for quota to expire *" to "No" and then proceed to select "Move customer into a specific group" then select your prefer group you want the customer to be moved to. And then save your settings?? Thank you.
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    Slow speed

    Hi, take a look at this thread see if it would fix your issue. Thanks
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    Mailwizz Slow Sending Issue

    No worries. Cheers!!!
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    Mailwizz Slow Sending Issue

    Hello @twisted1919 , I am quoting your previous reply at the other dude post Please kindly be informed that you are not improving the delivery speed for me. I know how to do this. and keep in mind that I have been using same settings for years and you know it all works fine. I have posted in...
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    How do I upgrade MW?

    Hi @twisted1919 Once you are less busy please kindly check my ticket. Thanks
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    [BETA] Mailwizz - 1.5.4

    Hi friend, I have PMed you. Thanks
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    [BETA] Mailwizz - 1.5.4

    Hi bruh, I have done that and also run the debug campaigns command. Still same error message. Thanks