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    Blacklisted in "List Subscribers" but Confirmed in "Update Existing List Subscriber"

    I appreciate the quick reply. In that case, how do I change it back to confirmed or eliminate the blacklisted status completely? Thanks!
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    Blacklisted in "List Subscribers" but Confirmed in "Update Existing List Subscriber"

    Hi, I a strange scenario in my subscribers data. Checking the "List subscribers" page, I can see the email has the status of "blacklisted" But when I "Update existing list subscriber" page, it's marked as confirmed. How is that possible and how I can change it back to confirm? Thanks in...
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    CSV Import Process: Basis for checking if email is blacklisted

    I see. So it's solely mw_email_blacklist? It never takes a look at the other tables?
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    CSV Import Process: Basis for checking if email is blacklisted

    Hi, During the live CSV import process, sometimes mailwizz would tell us that it will not import the email because it's blacklisted. With that in mind, what does mailwizz use as the basis of the blacklist information? What table in the database? mw_list_subscriber? mw_email_blacklist? Thanks...
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    "sync-lists-custom-fields" To Specific Lists Only

    Hi, I understand that the "sync-lists-custom-fields" cron job creates the empty records for the custom fields. My question is, "Can we do this for specific Lists only"?. The reason we'd like to avoid this is to save on database space as we have a very big database. Thanks in advance for any...
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    Upgrade from 1.4.1 to 1.7.2

    Hi, I have this old Mailwizz implementation. Would there be an issue if I upgrade from 1.4.1 to 1.7.2? Thanks!
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    Domain policies + Deny + Open Rates

    Hi, I need a little help on a particular scenario. My main question is -- will the blocked emails (via domain policies deny domain) cause a negative effect on my Open Rate? Meaning it will be counted as unable to send? 1. I have an existing campaign that is already sending 2. I paused the...
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    Mailwizz and

    Hi, We've set up some FBLs in to answer some flagging issues we are getting. I still don't have a deep verification but I get the feeling that the reported email addresses in the returnPath FBL is not being unsubscribed. With that said, I do have a couple of questions to...
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    Subscriber not confirmed anymore!

    I have the same issue as well. But my version is 1.5.7. Any ideas on what could be the cause?
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    Click Zone

    I understand. We used to have it on Neolane and Splio which is why I just thought of looking it up in Mailwizz. It's ok. Thanks a lot!
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    Click Zone

    Hi, Does mailwizz have a Click Zone feature? It's where we can see what what specific area in the mailer has the most clicks. If not, is there an extension for that? Thanks a lot! Regards, Joseph
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    Heat Maps On Shared Campaign Stats

    Is it possible to also view the Heat Maps on Shared campaign stats? Thanks a lot!
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    Reporting of hard bounces?

    For me, it would be interesting to find out if anyone else is having problems sending emails to with mailwizz (we send a lot to them). Normally, problem usually is the blacklisting of the sending server (not the smtp). But there could be other cases because our in-house mailer doesn't...
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    Reporting of hard bounces?

    Just to clarify your question. Your not getting any hard bounce information on your mailwizz?